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mrsa scars
Started by lisa
Posted: March 22, 2006 at 16:25
hi everyone, i am currently undergoing the treatment for my 3rd outbreak of mrsa, infact i just found out what i in fact have, the 2nd outbreak i had left ugly scars on my outer forearm, i would like some advice as to deminish the scaring, the current outbreak i am having is on my face. anybody with any ideas or suggestions please help me!
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #1 by D. REID
Posted: March 23, 2006 at 01:10
I really haven't heard any way to get rid of the scars. I to have terrible scars all over my body, not on my face yet? My scars hurt and itch alllll the time. Does yours or anybody elses? You may try using the scar cream from (i think) neosporin or johnson and johnson. If you haven't all ready.
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #2 by matt
Posted: July 21, 2006
Have you tried vitamin E oil? I have used it for surgery scars and it seemed to help.
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #3 by suzanne
Posted: February 19, 2007
same issue here.newly diagnosed need lotas of answers
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #4 by suzanne
Posted: February 19, 2007
same issue here.newly diagnosed need lotas of answers
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #5 by glen
Posted: February 23, 2007 at 06:46
Hi there,

Hope this information below helps. The bit at the end is particularly relevant to your scarring query.
I know this probably sounds crazy but have you used manuka honey??? I first heard about this product on radio 4 and then did a little internet research for my partners grandma who had an ulcer that would not heal and they were suggesting an operation - not such a great idea at 85. The consultants had never heard of it as a treatment but the district nurses had used it for burns. A ulcer that had got steadily worse over 2 1/2 years healed in 3 weeks. Manuka honey impregnated dressings are an approved NHS product and available but you have to ask for them. It is proven to KILL MRSA please refer to Dr Peter Molan, the university and his team have dedicated 19 years to discovering all of the healing properties of this specific honey especially for infected and difficult to heal wounds and burns.The research papers on the site aren't heavy going and I hope you give it a try. If the hospital/healthcare team won't give you the dressings you can do it for yourself. You can buy the dressings online from "comvita", but are expensive. You can do a great diy job yourself from honey available from the shops and standard dressings. Manuka honey is widley available on the internet and I have found it in Sainsbury's, Holland and Barrett and allegedly in M & S. If you buy the honey it has a grading of +5, +8, +10, a bit like grading sunscreen. The university recommends you use 16+ and more(it does go all the way up to 30+)The stronger the Manuka strength the faster the healing process and the quicker it kills off all bacteria. The university website also explains how to apply the honey and how often.

Manuka is used particularly with burns victims and has been found to vastly improve the healing process and minimises scarring. Have three teaspoons a day orally and it will increase the support of your immune system and the healing process

My best wishes and thoughts are with you. I hope this helps


Re: mrsa scars
Reply #6 by Lindsey
Posted: February 26, 2007 at 22:38
Over time my scars seem to be fading. I tried Mederma but I don't think I was patient enough. The scars on my arms and legs look like scars from someone putting out cigarettes on me (i hate it).
When in the sun cover up your scars with 50 SPF. You could get a consult to laser the scars, however, I don't know how successful it is.
Has anyone had problems with mrsa resurfacing in humidity?
Or do your scars ever get red and irritated? What is this from? Can it come back?
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #7 by unknown
Posted: March 3, 2007 at 21:39
i cant get rid of any of my scars but the dr said when they first heal up to use vitamin e and preperation h and it will help them not be so visible.
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #8 by W Kelly
Posted: March 6, 2007 at 11:47
I swore by a product called BIO Oil - available in Superdrug, Boots etc.

It was good on my scars and helped them fade. Please make sure that your wounds are not open though!

Hope this helps
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #9 by A Harrington
Posted: March 29, 2007 at 01:01
I got MRSA about 10 years ago but it hasnt resurfaced since but im due to have more surgery in a weeks time to make the hole the infection left on me the first time less visable, but im terrified im gonna get it again. :(
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #10 by Emma
Posted: April 10, 2007 at 21:23
i have lots of scars all over body
i had to see a plastis surgeon man and had soecial dressinf applied to sites ! silicone based gels and plasrters mainly they were excellent
howeve i still have scars although faded ok ! i use bio oil and vitamin e based moisturisers . Last year i discovered sbc cosmetics and there vitamin e gel is great , also aloe vera very soothing and the propolis helps with any flare ups1 I hope this helps you
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #11 by lisa
Posted: October 21, 2007 at 01:58
I was diagnosed with mrsa in July. It was my first flare up. I have been going back and forth to the dermatologist to determine what the scars are. It is not until reading all this that I realize that my scars can come from mrsa. They really itch and my dermatologist has taken two biopsy's to try and determine what they are. At no time did the think that might be from the mrsa.
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #12 by Super bug scar be gone
Posted: October 26, 2007 at 21:00
because initally I felt like I got bit by a spider
so I applied triple antibiotic ointment and alcohol.
I think I scratched it with a dry washcloth from a hotel in Vegas and I think that is how I irritated the bite and it possibly became MRSA still not sure but the symptoms were
First small bite that got progressively bigger on my face then it swell and felt like it was about to bust then two other bumps appeared at this point because of the location on my face the skin around my eyes swelled up and my lymph nodes on the side of my face and on my neck swelled.

then when I went to the emergency room they ask me if someone had kissed me on the forhead
How absurd but any way they called it cellulitis. I got an Intravenous put in me for clindamycin
and filled a prescription for Lavaquin which is a powerful antibiotic it started working within 3days to reduce the swelling and start the healing process.
Looking at the pictures of MRSa victums My wound looked similar and they were very painful.

I found that using vitamin e and olive oil and coconut oil and vitamin c tend to help
You must use sunblock at least 50spf and also build up your immune system

I am currently using rose hip seed oil by Aubrey

I am trusting that God will do the rest in the healing process

When washing use antibacterial soap like dial or something with triclosan to prevent spreading and reinfection.

Seek treatment immediately if you think you might have this because sometime it might get worse before it can get better.

If I get any other info will let you know

God Bless
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #13 by dawn
Posted: October 26, 2007 at 23:10
triclosan is not good for all bacterial infections

hibiclens is tried and trusted but don't overdo it as your body will build up resistance, use it for 5 days before you have surgical procedures to decolonise

good to see a positive story about healing
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #14 by Jim
Posted: December 11, 2007 at 16:54
I have had 2 MRSA incidents and I can feel my scars when I am sick ,like now when I have the flu. Is this normal ? Can any one point me towards information that will inform me on how likely I am to get MRSA again,since I have had it before.
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #15 by Maria
Posted: December 12, 2007
Hi Jim
I expect you will see from the many postings on this forum that many people do have recurring MRSA. We can only surmise that its the nature of the bug, as it is constantly evolving and building resistance to different antibiotics.

If you are feeling very unwell then don't take any chances and seek medical advice. High temperature and all the things that go with this, like nausea shouldn't be ignored. Speak to your GP if you are worried. There is information on our website and contact details if you need to get in touch and talk to someone, visit
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #16 by ruth
Posted: December 12, 2007
gentian violet helps heal it up fast and doesn't leave scars

it takes a year or so on medication to get rid of mrsa

mrsa often comes with a mycoplasma infetion

you have to get rid of both
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #17 by bettyboop
Posted: January 13, 2008 at 21:49
Hi, im recovering from my second outbreak and ive been told to try Bio Oil, a few people that have had cosmetic surgery have tried it and say its fantastic so im hoping they are right as my scars are so ugly and i find they itch and hurt every day.
Good Luck x
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #18 by j3
Posted: April 10, 2008 at 04:21
I too, contracted MRSA, most likely from University or a gym, and have had it for several months. Antibiotics which are not cillin based help for awhile but it just seems to return. As far as remedies for managing the recurrences go, I have found that washing every other or every 3rd shower with antibacterial soap does the trick keeps it from reappearing. Turmeric powder with white vinegar or organic yogurt as a tincture is THE BEST method for drawing the core of the boil to the surface so it can be drained. Apply after a hot compress or bath. Turmeric will stain clothing so be sure to use several strips of gauze over the boil.
Turmeric (1 heaping tbs/ cup hot water) taken internally twice daily also seems to work in reducing the severity of the boils.
AS far as the scars go, you are not alone in that they do strangely still itch, even when fully healed. Mine are a deep bruise color and some have faded but the worst I just can't get rid of... I'm using vitamin E and Mederma, but am seeing little results. The scars make it difficult to be comfortable with my partner intimately because they are on my buttocks and back; the university physicians rolled their eyes at me when i voiced concern about the scarring!

I hope the home remedy of Turmeric helps you heal.
Re: mrsa scars
Reply #19 by Erin
Posted: April 20, 2008 at 01:13
I have it on my face. Thought it was a zit.It will leave me with at least one very deep scar ...right between my eyes.
Years ago I stumbled upon a scar ointment recipe from Edgar Cayce [the sleeping prophet] in one of his books [can't remember which book ]. I had a severe scar on my finger at the time and used the scar massage ointment on half of the scar. There is NO scar where I used the ointment.Last time I looked the Edgar cayce foundation also makes and sells this ointment if you don't want to make it yourself. I've also seen it in health food stores. It has a peanut oil base and also squares of camphor that you buy from a pharmacy.I plan to make a new batch of the ointment and am praying that it will work. If not the indentation would look great with a little jewel. LOL
As for the itching I've found a bit of quick relief with an ice pack.

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