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MRSA after hospial discharge
Started by Ann
Posted: May 22, 2006
I am a volanteer with a large national charity helping suport elderly patients in their homes after hospital discharge. I have recently found out 'by accident' that one of my clients is infected with MRSA. They are receiving daily visits from the District Nurse. I have no training in infection control and although I am not providing 'personal care' I have been doing laundry, changing their bed and cleaning the bathroom without using gloves or special handwash. I would welcome anyones thoughts or advice about whether I should have been advised about MRSA before taking on this client. I have been told that it is a matter of medical comfidentiality. Also I am a carer for my father who is 80 and diabetic. He often has lesions to his legs which I have to dress. I am concerned that I may have become 'colonized' through my contact with my client and, therefore, pose a risk to my father. I would be so grateful for any advise.
Re: MRSA after hospial discharge
Reply #1 by Bev
Posted: May 22, 2006 at 10:04
dear ann
unfortunatly they do use the clause of confidentialty to not inform people ~ i would always wear gloves and use infection control measures such as washing hands and using the hand gels ~ ensuring that once you have left that client that you dispose of the gloves/apron and wash and gel hands again. sadly its not the clients fault and they should not be made to feel like a 'leper' as happens in some cases ~ you might want to ask your 'employer' why they are not giving the basic training/instruction in infection control ~ this is actually on e of the things we wanted writing in to the code of practise about information being passed to every 'body' that looked after the patient from start to finish so there were no 'hidden' facts ~ its not really a breach of confidenitalty its called being armed with all the facts so you can actually prevent spread. please check out for more information
best wishes
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