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facts speak for themselves
Started by Bev hurst
Posted: May 31, 2006 at 20:14
Superbug risk higher for long-term patients
A shock survey today reveals that long-term hospital users are 10 times more likely to carry the MRSA superbug than the average person.
Health experts tested hundreds of people at Queen Alexandra Hospital and found 35 per cent of those needing regular care had traces of the MRSA bacteria on their skin.
But of those who went to the hospital for a one-off visit seen as a good cross-section of the general public only 3.6 per cent were detected as carrying the MRSA bug.
The findings appear to refute some health chiefs who have suggested MRSA is widespread and can be picked up anywhere in the community.
And they suggest health chiefs are still miles away from conquering the bug.

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