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MRSA in Germany
Started by Burki
Posted: June 14, 2006 at 18:15
Hey all,

I'm 22, male and from germany. Yes, I am pretty young and already survived MRSA.
In early february this year came to hospital with heavy pain in my stomach, nothing unnormal for me, I always had these problems. This time it was different. So I drove with my dad to the hospital where a perforation of the stomach was diagnosed. So many of my vital parts got infected... I think you can guess where the story goes. They stopped the perforation, that's what the first surgery was for. Some days later they just wanted to look whether my vital parts are allright but unfortunately they all were infected even more. My stomach and some parts of my small intestine were already dead - I was infected by MRSA and he started killing me. The hospital didn't find out about MRSA and started to bomb all sorts of meds. Nothing helped, my pancreas and my kidneys went septic.
So the hospital couldn't help me. As I was close to death (they gave me less than 10% to survive), my parents decided to get me out of the hospital to another one. So I was sent to Cologne, they quickly found out that I had MRSA. They gave me an antibacterial chemotherapy but they more or less thought that it was already too late. So, as I am lucky, the chemo was a success and killed many of the MRSA. Vancomycin killed all the others.
I have to say that this was the hardest part of my life. I was kept comatose for more than 5 weeks and during this time they gave me Ketanest. I had nightmares, died very often in my dreams. It was just horrible.

Now I'm better off. I'm finally at home but I cannot eat because of a fistula that is "sitting" on my abdomen-wound and is sending everything on this wound. So if I drink something, most of it is floating on my abdomen-wound. And I have a catheter to get artificial food.

Allready 4 months have passed I am still very weak. But I am happy that I am still alive, that I survived this superbug!

Just wanted to tell you my story

Burki ( Burkhard.Wilmes @ )
Re: MRSA in Germany
Reply #1 by Bev Hurst
Posted: June 14, 2006 at 18:41
Dear burki
i am very sorry to hear about the awful experience you have and are going thru ~ thank you for your email to which i have just replied
the sad thing about contracting this awful infection is the aftermath patients are left with and thats something else the healthcare system does not seem capable of addressing ~ we have been actively requesting a patient survey to be done on the aftermath of contraction which in many cases leaves devasting and disabling consequences and financial hardship
best wishes to you and your family
Re: MRSA in Germany
Reply #2 by linda mccafferty
Posted: June 14, 2006 at 23:17
Dear burki, how awful for you ,i really hope your health will inprove now ,and give it time you will get better.
my husband had a bowel op last march, his bowel perforated and he was very very ill, my husband has a stoma bag ,but it is reversable and is hoping to go in for surgery in Aug, my sister has just went through the same surgery her bowel perforated too, she is poorly just sister was infected with mrsa ,my husband was one of the lucky ones, he did not get infected but i am so worried this time when he goes in for his surgery, as it is very bad in Glasgow - Scotland ,its a case of rolling the dice, infection control is a shambles in Glasgow hospitals.its really nice to hear from you from Germany, we are hear for any support you need or if you wish just to talk.......... looking forward to hear from you again ,best wishes to you burki.
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