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MRSA risk from father in law to my Newborn
Started by Lucy Jewson
Posted: June 21, 2006 at 14:04

My father in law has contracted MRSA in hospital following an arterial replacement from his groin to his knee. He had the op 2 weeks ago and has been treated with IV gentamycin for the past week in hospital. (The MRSA was detected 10 days ago) They have now discharged him home on Doxycline and tell us that there is no risk to us when we need to go in and care for him. I am 35 weeks pregnant, planning a homebirth (not at father in laws home though!) and am extremely concerned that the MRSA that my husband will be exposed to by caring for my father in law in his own home, could come home to us on clothes, washing etc and infect me and my newborn baby. I also have a 3 year old who often has cuts and scrapes, as they do, and am being told that there is no risk if he visits my Father in law.

My father in law thinks I'm being paranoid and unreasonable being worried as he has been told he is no threat.

Am I being paranoid? What steps should/could we take?

I'd be really really grateful for advice. I feel I am being fobbed off by the NHS advice we have received, even from the Infection Control unit at the hospital who says as long as we wash our hands after visiting him we'll be fine.


Re: MRSA risk from father in law to my Newborn
Reply #1 by John
Posted: June 23, 2006 at 14:51
Dear Lucy,

There are many bacterias that can cause infections and MRSA is one of them. So it is true that if you take normal procedures after visiting you will be fine. You,your husband and children are all healthy pople who will be able to fight off infections and even stop them from occuring. Please treat your father-in-law as you always have done and let your faminly do so also.

Re: MRSA risk from father in law to my Newborn
Reply #2 by Bev Hurst
Posted: June 23, 2006 at 15:28
Dear Lucy
i can well understand your worry ~ specially as the healthcare workers don't seem to be giving you enough information ~ contraction of infection can be via skin contact so adhering to handwashing and alcohol gels is really vitally important ~ also if anyone has cuts skin abrasions or open wounds then they must be covered up ~ anyone with compromised immune systems will be at risk and i too would be very woried if i was about to give Birth ~ please take a look at website there is some useful information on there
as john says its important to treat your father in law as you have always done but its equally important to ensure all the correct procedures are in place to protect everyone concerned including yourself and your unborn child
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