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MRSA caught after c-section
Started by Joanna Young
Posted: September 13, 2006 at 13:31
I had my little boy by c-section at St Richards Hospital in Chichester and contracted MRSA. This was in June. I am really disappointed with the lack of information/blase attitude towards this infection by midwives and medical staff. They were not even going to swab my little boy but I demanded they do so. Am still feeling run down and not quite myself. Am being regularly swabbed to see if the infection is still present in my wound. I am frustrated by the lack of information and blase attitude. I feel now I should write to St Richards and my local surgery to give them a patients perspective. Hopefully i will be clear soon. This is the last thing you need when you have a newborn.
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #1 by Michelle
Posted: September 29, 2006 at 16:53
Hi Joanna, I am so sorry to hear that you contracted MRSA after your C-Section. The same thing happened to me in Glasgow and I was pretty ill with it, my scar became infected and I had to have the District nurse come to clean and dress it for about 2 months. 2 years later and all seems fine so please don't despair, I never had my baby swabbed and I am just wondering if all was fine with your little boy when you got his results back as I am more than a little concerned that maybe mine has it too....
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #2 by C
Posted: September 29, 2006 at 21:43
I hate to see this... I had a c-section in May 2005 and also contracted MRSA. We found out when one of my son's was diagnosed with it after they cultured an eye infection, and then cultured my c-section wound. I had to have it re-opened and a wound-vac applied. I have gone round and round with many different antibiotics and MRSA related issues - the worst of which is a re-occuring ear infection in my left ear. I have since had tubes put in twice and a radical mastoidectomy - none of which have stopped the infection from coming back. I also have lumps under my arms and in the groin area (boils / cysts) that won't go away.

I am tired ALL the time and see no end in sight. The thing that roasts me is that the doctors just treat each of the symptoms and never admit that they are all can they be so dense?????

I am sure that this has all resulted in a weakened immune system and am just so sick of it. I need a magic pill to make it all better...
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #3 by Lesley
Posted: December 10, 2006 at 23:00
I had the same experience in Glasgow and had to have my wound packed daily for 4 months. No-one suggested that I had my daughter swabbed, but the information I was given by the practise nurses was very poor as they didn't seem to think it was a big issue. They told me it would just take loonger for my wound to heal. I wasn't even told to use special soap or hand gel until 2 weeks after diagnosis. The district nurse arranged this for me and told me to get other areas of my body swabbed, as this had not been done either.
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #4 by linda mccafferty
Posted: December 10, 2006 at 23:26
you are not alone lesley Glasgow is the worse for not giving you information regarding mrsa, they treat people who are infected with mrsa as imbeciles.
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #5 by Shanna Chafin
Posted: June 26, 2008 at 22:24
I too got MRSA after my c-section. I have not had my baby swabbed but she seems to be just fine. I also had to have the wound-vac for serval months. This all started in Feb 08 and just yesterday I went back to the doctor June 08 and now my insecion is abscessed and reopening. This has been an horrible, horrible way to start a new family, mentally & physically. I pray for everyoen going through this that all will come out for I feel at time that this will never end.
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #6 by Virginia Mason
Posted: December 28, 2010 at 19:26
I got MRSA from Augusta Health. I had my baby Sept.2 and on Sept.19 my incision busted on the right side with nasty green/brown stuff and my urine had a horrible odor for 3 days and I had told my Dr. they said it was from a bladder infection.. I was admitted to the hospital had to have a blood transfusion 4 bags and vitamins was pumped 3 differnt atibiotics in IV and I came home and had 3 rounds of Sulfa antibiotics took MRSA test after MRSA test finally on Oct.20 I got the 3rd negative Im terfied that it will come back and I dont know how to tell if it does.. I go every day wondering is it really over everything is healed now and I pray it does stay healed... My baby is doing wonderful and she had no problems... I feel sorry for anyone who has MRSA and pray that no one else gets it but it just goes to show our hospitals should be the safest cleanest place in the world but infact they are the dirtest. I dont blame my Dr. at all for what happen he couldnt have prevented it no more than I could have...
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #7 by linda mccafferty
Posted: December 30, 2010
Virginia , here is the USA/Canada link as this is the UK one , you will recieve better information .......
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #8 by Kara
Posted: January 4, 2011 at 19:16
I had twin girls on 10/21/2010 and a few days after I was sent home I
had a MRSA infection around my C-Section. I took antibiotics and was
very depressed over the entire thing. This is the last thing anyone
should have to deal with especially a mother with twins. I healed but
never thought the infection was gone. Four weeks later....another
infection. Started with one painful pimple in my armpit and I was told
it was fine. Then I had a painful toe (don't know if it's the same
thing) and then finally the abcess on my arm....that confirmed all my
complaints to the doctors. Now I am on a sulfa drug and please pray
that this is the last time. I want with all my heart to enjoy my new
twin girls and my 7 yr. old son. Anyone get it twice and that was
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #9 by Lindsey Kay
Posted: January 18, 2011 at 17:23
i got mrsa at parkview hospital in fort wayne,IN on 11/16/2006 when they delivered my daughter...Kali. during my 2 day requird stay at the hospital i ran a slight fever and had a foul smell in my wound. i was discharged with an antibiotic for a skin infection. the next morning i took a shower at home and literally had puss running down my legs because the infection was so bad. i couldnt sit up or eat or anything. i returned to er within 24 hours of being discharged with a 104 degree temp. i was kept in hospital for a week before the doctors did anything besides an antibiotic drip. my case was given to a different doctor and i was then took into surgery for a wound debridment. then 3 days later went home with a wound vac. i then returned to surgery for 1 more wound debridment. the surgeons had to remove all the tissue from around my csection from hip to hip. my mother said that when she watched the nurses put the packing in that she could see my hips bones thats how deep wide spread the infection destroyed.i then spent a month at home with home health care nurses coming 3 times a week to change my dressings. this was the most horrific pain that i could i ever imagine. the worst part was the first two weeks of my first childs life i couldnt be near her. i had to wait until my wound vac was in place and air tight before i could my baby again! i only got to spend time with her for the few days before my diagnosis. no mother should ever have to go through anything like that. i went on to have a little boy 13 months after my daughter. he was also by csection but with no post infection thank god. i did learn however afterwards, the dr. told me i was lucky not to have lost him because my uterus has so much scar tissue that it shouldve ruptured. i did decide to be steralized because i didnt wanna get pregnant again and loose my baby or my own life from a ruptured uterus. we are all healthy and happy now and if my tragedy had to happen in order for me n my children to be happy n healthy now then i WOULD do it all again....
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #10 by Denise
Posted: January 27, 2011 at 15:07
I had my baby boy 4months ago. And since then my healths went downhill, and
the medical staff i have to deal with are no help at all, getting told so many
different things, such as I don't have to treat it, iv been on four different
antibiotics and each one has made me pass out, I'm utterly confused on what to
do! They've even made it out to me as if I'm making up passing out! My babys
healthy, they said I wouldn't need him tested, do yous think that I should
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #11 by leona
Posted: February 28, 2011 at 18:22
i had my son in dec 2009 and started getting MSRA out breaks( pimples-lumps) by june of 2010 and have reoccurent outbreaks every month or so since... i am otherwise heathly, the ER doctor advised me this last time that when i elft after my c-section in dec an dthey swabbed my nose i was positive for mrsa, no one ever told me, however i was swabbed at addmittance and that was negative... this germ is nasty, its painful, its embarrassing i get them on my stomach, upper thighs, armpits... at my first follow up obgyn apt , the doc said it looked like there was a slight yeast infeection on my cut and said to use monistat on it.... now look where i am...Septra seems to work howver as soon as the does is done i get another pimple within days....its cant be a good thng to constatnly be on antibiotics either....... im still looking for answers....
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #12 by Kay
Posted: April 19, 2011
I also contracted an MRSA after having a C-section. A week after my
surgery, I was having trouble standing straight, and I noticed that
there was a heated lump above my incision. When I went to the doctor,
they cultured it, (removed the pus) and added a drainage for about a
week. There was so much pus, it was horrifying! They confirmed it was an
MRSA. A month and two weeks atter, while in the shower. I noticed the
lump came back and was spreading. Im going to the doctor today to check
it out. I blame the hospital.
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #13 by Amely
Posted: September 29, 2011
I too got mrsa in mounnt sinai hospital of miami beach fl i had my baby sept 9th 2011 and 2 days later i was sent home next thing I was having fevers that wouldnt godown from betwen 99 - 102.F i called obyn they said o dont worry fevers usually means ur milk in comming in your breast turned out i emptied them out and stilll had fevers.. so I go to hospital in a matter of hours was soo inflammated all over my abdomen that no one knew what was really wrong with me my heart rate wuas at 189 my pulse 45/69 my heart began to work at 20 % when my mom came in they said i was dying.. after 2 operations and 6 days of wound vac now they wana send me home i been here all month just scared i give anything bad to my new born i dont want her sick i am lookin for a lawyer now to take my case for other medical malpractices.... here...
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #14 by antoinette
Posted: January 23, 2012 at 02:09
i am shocked to see how many women have got mrsa after a c-section i felt like i was the only one. i had it after my son who is now 14months old. they had me stay a day longer before running test to find out why my fever was going up and why i was using more pain meds instead of less. (i can recall the nurse telling me the pills were for pain not for fun)after they took all the samples they needed they sent me home. the next day i had a check up. the dr. at the clinic said she couldnt understand why i was not in the hospital. she went on to say that she was going to call an ambulance to come get me if i didnt go right then and there.i was in the hospital for 3 months with 4xdaily wound striping and cleaning. went home with a wound vac and picc line, home health came daily. i was not supposed to be near my son for nearly 4 months!!!! he stayed with my mother inlaw until i was well but luckily for me all the bills and hospital stays were paid for by the hospital....
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #15 by Diflucan Birth Defect Attorney
Posted: January 23, 2012 at 22:50
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Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #16 by cassie williams
Posted: April 9, 2012 at 02:10
I caught MRSA after i had a c section in feb 2010 after having my daughter by emergancy c section 4 weeks early... so scary times! when i was having the c section, i had already had an epidural so wide awake, and as my daughter came out, i blacked out, and apparently i had to have an adrinalin shot to bring me back.. my daughter was born at 7:43am and i dont remember seeing her till 3:10pm in the afternoon i was that out of it. I remember being in some pain that night, and had my drains taken out that same evening.. i been having bowel movement problems, and couldnt sit or lye down properly.. they sent me how the next day with laxatives.. i was closed up with staples and exactly a week later! i went to the toilet.. which was difficult in its self i was practically bed ridden.. and my scar burst open.. i called the ambulance.. and i had to have my scar packed for a week.. then i dont really remember a whole lot, other than not been able to feed my baby, look after her, nothing.. had to go for a second surgery.. i was in the critical ward..a month later.. after daily IV's i was like a pin cushion.. no veins left in my arms.. had to have IV through my feet.. i had 2 drains in my stomach for just over a month.. and was bed ridden for up to 6 weeks with a cavitar.. now i was sent home only being told i had an infection and high blood platlets .. went to doctors 2 weeks later with complaints of pain.. and he then told me in his own words " gosh you been through the walls, c section, surgery, and MRSA" so thanks to my local hospital i didnt even know i had it, and my daughter was in everyday in hospital with me, as she had to stay with me.. not go home with her father.. and she could of caught this infection lucky she didnt, but my daughter didnt see the outside world for 7 weeks, now where do i stand on this??? i am now worried i am pregnant with y 2nd child 2 years on.. am i going to catch this again, do i have to have a c-section?? as i live in the same area i would have to use this hospital. i am very nervous x
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #17 by alice
Posted: November 3, 2012 at 17:00
yes, my daughter gave birth to my grandson 10-10-11 at Glasgoe hospital c-section. within two days of coming home her incision started coming open. we called the obgyn and he said keep it clean it was fine. as I know I work in health field I started imeediatly telling them it was oozing. it was infected an i was sure it was staff.they continued to treat her for a yeast infection. months went by and she kept hetting sicker. Her son just turned a year old, she has been in the hospital in another county for 3 days now and they said they didnt know how long she would be there and that she should have been hospitalized with IV's months ago and she is so sick! I have her 1 yr old son with me, she is a single mom and has lost her job she had for 6yrs, lost her home, and has lost everything due to the dr and hospitals neglegence! I am so angry! Now they are calling and demanding payment for thier bills \ they need to be paid for all that! I am praying she will get better but this new dr said she didnt know if iv's will even help now. women better try all possible to stay away from c sections if they can and please...if you know your incision is not healing...if your dr wont listen go some where else!

Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #18 by addi
Posted: February 27, 2014 at 18:02
i had a horrible mrsa infection after my c-section in 2009. hospitalized. wound vac
for 2.5 months we've been trying to get pregnant for 7 months and can't.
my 1st time we got pregnant with 1 accident with a condom. does any one know if
there can be damage to insides from this type of infection?
Re: MRSA caught after c-section
Reply #19 by Heidi
Posted: November 26, 2015 at 12:18
I have a question. Has anyone here gotten
mrsa from a csection had it treated and
then had the wound site reopen slightly
and get reinfected 2 years later? It's
happening to me right now and I'm just so
tired of dealing with it and being afraid
of there being outbreaks the rest of my
life. I thought I was done with this and
now two years later it comes back. I'm
about to start working again and this
could keep me from that. I can't afford
anymore medical bills and the hospital of
coarse treats me as though I just came in
with it and it is not their fault.
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