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Arthescopic Knee infection
Started by Jill Thorley
Posted: November 13, 2006 at 15:37
Has anyone out there contracted an MRSA infection through Arthescopy into the Knee joint? & if so can anyone recommend an Orthopaedic Surgeon who will give an unbiased report?
Regards Jill.
Re: Arthescopic Knee infection
Reply #1 by jenny
Posted: November 13, 2006 at 17:05
I just replied in the above thread but will reply here too. It is very difficult to find orthopaedic surgeons' in this country who are prepared to criticise their colleagues. Of all the specialities, this seems to be the most difficult in which to get an unbiased, independent expert report. The only honest account I could get of the negligence in my daugher's treatment came from one who worked abroad. This is a rather sad state of affairs, really. There must be ONE orthopaedic surgeon in the country who is prepared to be honest in a report???!
Re: Arthescopic Knee infection
Reply #2 by Jill Thorley
Posted: November 16, 2006 at 18:26
Hello Jenny
Many thanks for your reply, is there any chance you could give me your contact Orthopaedic Surgeon abroad? I desperately need an opinion to get legal aid. The one I have says I did get it through the Arthoscopic Insertion, but it was just a "happening" no-one was to blame.
Has your daughter to have further surgery on her hip?
& if she does , is there a risk factor?
Jill Thorley

Re: Arthescopic Knee infection
Reply #3 by jennyr
Posted: November 23, 2006 at 22:24
Hi, I only just read your reply, so apologies for not responding sooner. The expert that gave an honest account in my daugher's case is in fact a rheumatologist, rather than an orthopaedic consultant so I am sorry that I did not make that clear. However, rheumatologists are obviously specialists in joint disease so they can offer expert advice and opinion on all kind of joint infections etc. They can offer advice on what a competent orthopaedic surgeon would be expected to do.

Dr Gotlieb is based in Cape Town in S. Africa. I think he has GMC registration too. He hosts a very informative web-site which you can access at His email is:

His team will respond to your questions etc if you email them. Ask them about medico-legal reports and I am sure they will help.

He summed up what had gone wrong in my daughter's treatment, and gave a prognosis, very succinctly. My daugher had a septic arthritis (ie: infection) in her knee joint which was under-treated both surgically and inadequately treated with antibiotics (partly because the right tests weren't carried out to identify the infective organism). She had to have a total of 4 operations (mainly arthroscopies) on the knee and subsequently has had 4 steroid injections as well as intensive physio to deal with the post-infective inflammation and synovitis. She now has arthritis in the knee but copes with everyday activities.

In my daughter's case, she had the infection BEFORE any of the treatment. Arthroscopies do carry a risk of introducing infection, but in the right hands that should be a very, very small risk ( I think it's about 0.5% or maybe less??). But they do warn you about the risk of infection at the time of the arthroscopy, I think. That could be a stumbling block in your case, I suppose, unless it could be proved that they had carried out the operation without proper infection control measures. (Have other people at the hospital had similar problems...?)

In any case, once an infection enters a joint, by whatever means, it is very difficult to eradicate without serial aspirations of the joint and prolonged appropriate antibiotic treatment. I hope this has been helpful.
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