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mrsa in leg
Started by john laffey
Posted: December 28, 2006 at 11:59
I went in for surgery on right leg on the 20th of nov 2006.
the surgery went well,but when i went back 2 weeks later they noticed a red pstch thst was they took some swabs and it came back +3 mrsa.
the problem is that over the last 4 weeks its eaten in to my leg,what started as a red patch is now a hole that you can put 3 fingers in.
the nurse has been coming to dress it every 2 days and i have been on antibiotics with no effect.
I went the doctors today and now they are worried because how deep it is,i think its in case it gets in to my joints or my blood supply.
the hospital should have swabbed me 3 times before the op but they only done it once,i was the first one on the list so i must have caught it in theatre or on the ward.
the told me about the swabs after the op so i think some one is at fault for not doing their job,i have suffered from blisters on my neck and have a chest infection which i cant shift
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