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This diet holds down MRSA bacteria
Started by Carolyn
Posted: March 1, 2007 at 12:55
First is your diet. You must absolutely change to a vegetarian diet or as close as you can get. You must stop eating anything that contains white flour. I no longer eat any bread because I noticed that all breads no matter how dark, contain some white flour. You need to immediately cut way back on your sugar intake. Continue with everything your doctors say, plus get a good multi vitamin with IRON, take extra vitamin C, start cooking using a lot of red onion, red (purple cabbage) and add as much FRESH chopped garlic AFTER cooking, not during. Fresh raw garlic contains allicin which helps to INHIBIT MRSA bacteria. No one can eradicate MRSA from the body, but you can INHIBIT the growth of the bacteria. You must dedicate yourself to this healthy eating pattern as your new lifestyle. NO sodas, no coffee, only decaf green tea and fruit juice with NO added sugar. I also take fish oil, since I eat no fish or meat of any kind. I do drink milk. I use turmeric every day, putting a bit in my green tea and a bit in every meal. Every day for dinner I prepare a veggie soup and that is all I have for dinner. If you follow this diet, plus always your medications, you will see a big improvement. If you fall off the diet, the MRSA will quickly surge forward and give you a devastating attack. I know, because it happened to me. Today, on my arm, I see a bunch of outlines of wannabe boils, but they are flat because my body is NOT hospitable to their growth. If you eat too much sugar and white flour, you are literally FEEDING the bacteria, so you need to constantly monitor your diet to control the bacteria. Follow your doctor's orders and also switch to this diet. You could allow yourself a small treat once a day and once a week a SMALL portion of meat. Forget junk, fast and fried foods. Forget pasta and pizza, forget cookies, pies, cakes. Those are not for you.
Re: This diet holds down MRSA bacteria
Reply #1 by Carolyn
Posted: March 1, 2007 at 13:03
Yogurt is good, but NOT if it contains sugar. Buy PLAIN yogurt and flavor it with fresh fruit, such as bananas, or your favorite, or a bit of ground cinnamon. This diet holds down my terrible MRSA infection. If I fail to follow this diet, I get a horrendous bunch of red swellings filled with boils. Maybe your strain is not as virulent as mine, but try the restrictive cleansing diet to help control your outbreaks. When it rains, this is ACID rain, very low pH. MRSA bacteria are acidic in nature and LOVE low pH. Veggies, fruits are HIGH pH. Eat your broccoli, beets, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, like your mum always told you. Please write in to say how you are doing. This takes about a month to see progress because your body is doubtless full of improper foods, but take heart, be courageous and CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS to inhibit the bacteria and make your body an UNFRIENDLY place for the bacteria. Write to tell about your condition and ask me about mine if you wish.
Re: This diet holds down MRSA bacteria
Reply #2 by maria
Posted: March 3, 2007 at 20:42
When you have got MRSA you don't have much of an appetite, so what are saying?
Re: This diet holds down MRSA bacteria
Reply #3 by Matt
Posted: September 3, 2014 at 21:35
MRSA is absolutely eradicate-able. MRSA Feeds off sugar, and lots of
breads and pastas convert into sugar.
Re: This diet holds down MRSA bacteria
Reply #4 by Hub'
Posted: September 26, 2014 at 02:36
I use turmeric / Mostly i USE time | 20140925 18:34 pdT
Re: This diet holds down MRSA bacteria
Reply #5 by Jarred
Posted: September 2, 2016 at 04:38
Hello! I have definitely found similar
positive results with a diet devoid of all
added sugars and starchy carbs and even
the intake of excess fruit sugars. I am a
vegan and eat a high raw diet. When I
stray from this and have a beer or eat a
vegan cookie or some chips cooked in
coconut oil etc. I pay dearly. The
interesting thing is that as a living
organism we should not be ingesting that
kind of junk anyway so as painful as MRSA
is I have not labeled it as a bad thing.
If I eat super healthfully I am healthy if
not I immediately feel the consequences.
Oh well raw vegan it is lol. On a positive
note I think super dark chocolate is
tolerated! I am testing peanut butter
right now and I have been eating raw
soaked oat groat oatmeal every day with a
banana and lots of berries. I try to
refrain from fruit for the rest of the
day. Other foods I eat without a problem
are any and all raw garden veggies (as
much as I can eat), hempseeds, raw
sprouted almonds, avacados, spirulina,
coconut cream and oil,raw pea and sprouted
brown rice protein powders and did I
mention very dark chocolate?! Super
excited about that! Goodbye beer. Many
blessings to all of you suffering with
this thing. I hope this helps someone. If
so please pass it on and also realize how
important proper nutrition really is. If
it can clear up something like MRSA just
by eating a whole food living diet then
maybe that is what the message is telling

Re: This diet holds down MRSA bacteria
Reply #6 by Jarred
Posted: September 2, 2016 at 14:27
P.S. fermented urine destroys incoming
MRSA pimples that would normally turn into
boils. Just rub it on the area a few times
a day and they should vanish.
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