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flushable toilet seat covers in hospitals
Started by steven bradley
Posted: March 21, 2007 at 22:45
I would like to ask the public and more so ladies if you would feel better to see flushable toilet seat covers in hospital toilets , with the bugs and bacteria we are so scared of . At a cost of a penny a sheet can we afford to have them , if America can have them in all there loo's are we missing something ?, a good place to visit .
Re: flushable toilet seat covers in hospitals
Reply #1 by Maria
Posted: March 22, 2007
Its always a good idea to have anti-bacterial wipes in your handbag, most ladies will tell you that Steven.

I keep them to wipe over most articles that carry bacteria, including the telephone handsets and office equipment that people generally don't give a second thought to.

I would recommend everyone carries anti-bacterial wipes with them, you don't have to be obsessive about wiping and cleaning things, but just use a bit of common sense, toilet seats are just one of the many places you will find bacteria.
Re: flushable toilet seat covers in hospitals
Reply #2 by Steven Bradley
Posted: March 22, 2007 at 19:13
After hearing that women mostly hover over toilets and not release urine properly due to bladder muscles not relaxing , this leading to Cystitis and Uti's .
Also an experiment i read about using food dye in the bottom of a toilet and placing cling film over the bowl , you get to see the water particles from the bottom of toilet flying everywhere , as a man its put me off sitting on the seat , wipes are good but no handbag with me normally, but as a developed country why is a dispenser with a paper seat cover out of the question? , they dissolve with no impact to the sewage system , it has to be a culture thing . Do wipes break down ? What chemicals are in the wipes and are they adding to the the pollution , maybe a small thing one person wipes in the loo , but how many do you think are flushed in to the pipes? .
One place you might find bacteria is on the toilet seat and yes many other places, but if they were in your local restaurant would you use them ? and one less place to share a naked seat is good for me ! .
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