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English language problem
Started by brian
Posted: March 24, 2007 at 02:15
Unfortunately most non uk hospital staff do not have enough command of the english language to understand "what is actually said" Often they hear certain words but cannot comprehend clearly. If you don't believe me check and ask the doctors and nurses to feed back what you have just told the. Its an eye opener and fatal because they often don't. Do not assume.... My experiences from Epsom Hospital and Kingston as patient and as carer 2006-2007.
I don't believe, from my experience, more than a few (i didn't meet any actually but hey surely that can't be 100%) doctors or nurses would pass the Cambridge English basic cert exam- perhaps thats because high percent bank staff...
Re: English language problem
Reply #1 by Dave
Posted: March 24, 2007 at 02:28
Well I wondered why I was always being offered jam when I asked for marmalade. After a few days \I noticed there was marmalade but was only being offered jam. It occurred to me that occassionally i got coffee when i ordered tea. So I taught the hospital assistant the difference between marmalade and jam. She remembered from then on. I asked one of the other staff "why they didn't tell her before" in her language. Simple said the lady from Ghana there are 13 on this ward who don't speak the same language. And I don't speak hers... I didn't catch any infection although there were 13 urine bottles in the loo waiting for collection unlabelled and increasing in number by the hour... Still in and out in 3 days. Very careful with my hip after care bundled me in an low seated taxi and sent me home. That was Epsom.
Re: English language problem
Reply #2 by simon
Posted: March 27, 2007
i have come across the same problems with language ,i was being told i had cancer but could not understand what the doctor was telling me because his english was so poor,eventualy i managed to put the few words i understood together and filled in the rest myself, when i asked him if it was terminal he said he shook his head and i took that to mean yes .as you can imagine at 32 it was a shock my wife was in bits, i was then seen by the oncologyst who told me it was not terminal and said the doctor had only been in england for 6 weeks and could not understand what i was saying so he shook his head. i am now cancer free and have been for 2 years .
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