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mrsa vaccine
Started by linda mccafferty
Posted: April 22, 2007 at 18:59
Dear All , it has been reported in the usa that scientists are developing a vaccine for mrsa .
Re: mrsa vaccine
Reply #1 by Callie
Posted: April 22, 2007 at 19:35
do you have any links about this linda? Id be interested to read about it
Re: mrsa vaccine
Reply #2 by linda mccafferty
Posted: April 22, 2007 at 19:39
Dear callie , if you go to the usa site it is cathy who posted it,the post is CA mrsa more dangerous . let us know what you think callie .
Re: mrsa vaccine
Reply #3 by richard
Posted: April 22, 2007 at 22:03
HealthFirst-MRSA staph infections By Leslie LoBue
UNDATED (WJRT) - (04/20/07)-- It used to only be that MRSA struck sick patients in the hospital, but now, this killer infection is popping up everywhere.

MRSA is a type of staph infection resistant to most antibiotics and is affecting more and more healthy people as a new strain emerges in the general community.

Typically, MRSA doesn't get worse than a skin boil, but it can lead to severe problems and sometimes death.

Anne Matthews was thrilled when doctors told her she delivered a healthy baby boy. But that joy turned to panic after they discovered Cameron had a staph infection on his spine. (:10)

"My husband and I both cried a little while over it. Just prayed. It's the worst thing you want to hear when you have a new baby," Matthews recalled.

Doctors saved Cameron with the strongest antibiotic available, but others haven't been as lucky. MRSA infections are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics as a new, more potent strain emerges outside the hospital, especially among athletes who come in close contact.

"It hits healthy people. It actually seems to be much more virulent, and it can produce toxins and actually make people very sick, very quickly," said Dr Tom Talbot, an epidemiologist at Vanderbilt University.

That's why scientists are developing a vaccine to stop MRSA in its tracks. In one study, Staphvax appeared to protect 94 percent of people. Another study wasn't as promising, but doctors hope to perfect it, ideally by wiping out staph bacteria that normally live in the nose.

"Staph is like an M&M candy. What Staphvax targets is components of that shell," Talbot explained.

Until a vaccine is widely available, be sure to wash hands often. Don't share towels or other personal items. Look out for signs of infection, like redness, swelling, and warmth.

While antibiotics still sometimes work, doctors hope a vaccine will wipe out this potential killer for good.

What to look for? MRSA community strains most often appear on the skin as a boil or pimple that can be swollen, red and painful, and have discharge.

See your doctor if you have those signs and it's not healing.

One study showed doctors prescribed an antibiotic that was resistant to m-r-s-a in 57 percent of cases. It is now the most common cause of ER skin infections in the country.

Re: mrsa vaccine
Reply #4 by Maria
Posted: April 23, 2007 at 08:58
If this is a development that works it has to be good news. However the article points out that strict infection prevention measures are still necessary. It would be interesting to find out if there are any trials going on in the UK with this vaccine.
Re: MRSA Vaccine
Reply #5 by Jim
Posted: April 24, 2007 at 18:14

Re: mrsa vaccine
Reply #6 by linda mccafferty
Posted: April 24, 2007 at 18:34
Thanks jim .
Re: mrsa vaccine
Reply #7 by D Will
Posted: April 25, 2007 at 17:13
The quicker the better although too late for my beloved mum
Re: mrsa vaccine
Reply #8 by Maria
Posted: April 25, 2007 at 17:49
Sorry to hear about your mum.

These press articles are quite dated. So not sure what the latest is on this. Everything takes such a time. We want to see results now, but I suppose the vaccine needs to be trialled properly.
Re: mrsa vaccine
Reply #9 by Gary
Posted: May 1, 2007 at 01:13
There is something about vaccines on the MRSA Action UK website Look on the latest news tab
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