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C Diff
Started by Zoe Aspinwall
Posted: May 5, 2007 at 01:08
A very close friend of my is in intensive care as we speak, he had a growth removed from his pancreas 4 weeks ago, this was very sucessful and he was making a good recovery until he was transfered to a medical ward. Here he recieved very little care and immediately had severe diahorea, I was told that this was normal after the surgery he had been through. After just 2 weeks he was discharged still with severe diahorea and very weak and obviously unwell, no appitite swelling of the stomach and still diahorea with no one at home to care for him it was left to myself. The district nurse was calling every day to dress a drain wound that was still weeping. After serveral acidents of severe diahorea I got fed up and contacted his doctor who told me to give him Loperimide which I did. I am not trained in infection control nor am I a nurse or doctor but I know when something is not right. Again I contacted his doctor and suggested a home visit, he called when I wasn't there and gave him a sample bottle for him to collect his stool for examination and test, this was a man who was by now to weak to stand running a fever and dehydrated but also alone. On hearing this my partner took him back to A&E and refused to take him home, within 4 days they have removed his bowel and he is now fighting for his life in intensive care. I'm sure if by me looking on the internet I can come up with the symptoms for this virus then it should have been tested or suspected long before now and possibliy treated successfully with the antibiotics available. It was Only when I confronted the doctor about C Diff would he confirm that this was what my friend had, up until then they just repeatedly told me it was an unknown virus.
Re: C Diff
Reply #1 by Maria
Posted: May 5, 2007 at 20:00
Dear Zoe
I am so sorry to hear about your friend, and hope that he recovers soon. If you need to talk to someone about C.Diff can I suggest to contact C.Diff support at Their website has a lot of useful information about C.Diff and access to professionals who can help you, their website is

I think it is important that this hospital is made accountable for what has happened to your friend, and they should have made you aware of infection control procedures due to his infection.

We are campaigning for safer standards in our hospitals in respect of all healthcare associated infections if we can be of any assistance then visit our website at
Re: C Diff
Reply #2 by Albert
Posted: November 1, 2007 at 13:35
My wife also caught C Diff while in hospital while having Chas been home for chemotherapy and spent 3 weeks in ICU unconscious for one of those weeks she has been in and out of hospital since May she has been home for 3/4 weeks and has been taken back to hospital with a urine infection again having a catheter fitted I reported two weeks ago that the catheter was leaking and the urine was smelling and the hospital asked if I needed help with her hygiene as some one might have spotted it earlier it now worries me if she is getting C Diff again
Re: C Diff
Reply #3 by Maria
Posted: November 2, 2007
Dear Albert
I am so sorry to hear your wife is unwell. There are a number of things you can do to lessen the risk of your wife getting re-infected with C.diff. You will need the cooperation of the people nursing her too. It is very easy to become reinfected with C.diff as the spores can remain on hands and under the fingernails. Keep your wife’s nails clipped short and clean and avoid wearing jewelry. Wash hands in soap and water using the effective hand washing technique (see ) Make sure everyone washes their hands before and after contact with her, most staff expect to be reminded.

If you take any food in for her make sure it is kept covered, ensure effective handwashing before meals and after using the lavatory. Alcohol gel is good for killing other bacterium that cause infections such as MRSA and it is good practice to apply this after washing and drying hands, but any visible soiling needs to be cleaned with soap and water. With C.diff any environmental contamination needs to be cleaned with chlorine disinfectant.

Ask the sister to make sure your wife has clean bedding every day and nightclothes, wash any of her laundry at 65 degrees. Diet is also important, probiotic yoghurt can help restore the balance of good bacteria if your wife has been on antibiotics, ask to speak to a dietician about this.

There is a link to the C.diff support group, or you can contact us from the website link above.

Best wishes to you and your wife.

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