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Had Cdiff & now diagnosed MRSA positive...
Started by Adam
Posted: May 10, 2007 at 15:22
Hi all,

I had a "open chole-cystectomy" 3 weeks ago (gall bladder removed via large incision the old fashioned way) and came out of hospital 2 weeks back. The hygeine standards in the hospital were appaling and post op I ended up with a dose of C-Diff. I was discharged still having that infection, and a week later, noticed a discharge from my wound and reddening & swelling etc...

I returned to hospital and was told I had a "post op infection" and given a strong dose (2grammes a day) of fluxocillin antibiotics (oral). On this return, for the first time, they swabbed the wound site. They didnt say why and I thought no more of it.

Went to my GP practice nurse 4 days letter for a dressing change to be told i have "MRSA" and now embarking on a 2 week course of a different anti-biotic. (as they say the lab report says the strain is resistent to fluxocillin).

Was wondering if anyoone out there could give me any pointers of the timescale of recovery and any idea of what the future holds...?

My GP seems totally clueless on the issue simply stating " the antibiotics will knock it on the head"...

Regards - Adam.
PS, I am 33, and prior to the op (which was unexpected) in good health and physically fit and active. Current symptoms are the usual infection stalwarts of fuzzy head, flem on the chest, aching back, fatigue etc.
Re: Had Cdiff & now diagnosed MRSA positive...
Reply #1 by Maria
Posted: May 10, 2007 at 20:24
Dear Adam
I am sorry to hear about your experience, especially since the standards of hygiene in the hospital were appauling - the evidence is this increases the risk of acquiring infection, particularly C-Diff.

In your circumstances the best thing you can do is ask the medical team who were looking after you what the prognosis is in terms of your infections.

Whilst we may be able to give you information on MRSA and C-Diff, it will only be the team treating you that will have an idea about recovery time etc.

The best thing you can do is to look at the information available on these two infections, prepare your questions in advance and ask your GP (if you are from a practice, pick one that is more likely to help) or if not the consultant/doctors from the hospital what your care plan is now.

For information on MRSA visit our website

C-Diff Support have a website and an email address and it would be a good idea to contact them, since anti-biotics have to be prescribed with caution if you have had C-Diff, some anti-biotics can exacerbate the problem. Their website is

Please get in touch if we can help, my email address is
Re: Had Cdiff & now diagnosed MRSA positive...
Reply #2 by Adam
Posted: May 11, 2007 at 11:21
Many thanks for the input Maria... Will get sniffing about on the net. Unfortunatley my next appointment with the consultant at the hospital is in July!!!! Trying to contact him in the interim is proving impossible.

My GP seems pretty vague on the subject even when pushed (more evidence of his ignorance of the subject in my opinion rather than his evasiveness).

Regards - Adam

PS- to give just ONE example of the standards of cleanliness in the hospital I was in, a blanket which was soiled with urine was simply thrown into a corner and remained on the floor, in the corner of the room for two days! I could go on with more examples believe me!
Re: Had Cdiff & now diagnosed MRSA positive...
Reply #3 by W Kelly
Posted: May 23, 2007 at 16:01
Hi Adam

I too contracted MRSA with the same operation in 2005. The doctors just told me I had a staff infection. From that operation I had to get a hernia repair in Jan 2007 where I again was taken ill and had to be re-operated on.

My GP is the same, he is not too sure about MRSA and I have asked my consultant for further information and they keep ignoring my requests. I have just asked for a copy of my files under Freedom of Information act to be told it could be up to 50 to request.

I don't wish to sound awful but I have never been right from my first operation. I will catch any bug that is around, I ache constantly and I am on anti-sepressents as I just feel down all the time.

I hope you have more luck than me with speaking to your team as Maria has suggested and keep smiling!

Just for interest, are you in Scotland? Just checking you were not in the same hospital as me with the same surgeon!

Kind regards

Reply #4 by Liza
Posted: June 18, 2008 at 20:39
I had a badly infected gallbladder removed in March 2008 and because our hospitals are so filthy I had it done privately (instead of buying a car) so no infections thankfully, but, although much better I still don't feel 100% and still have a very limited diet or else I have tummy upsets.
I was wondering how long does it take to recover totally from the operation and to be able to eat.

Many thanks Liza
Re: Had Cdiff & now diagnosed MRSA positive...
Reply #5 by linda mccafferty
Posted: June 18, 2008 at 21:11
Dear Liza , i dont blame you going private i think it's shameful that people have to do this because of the fear of HAIs in our NHS hospitals . my sister had her gallbladder removed liza & was told it takes 6 month's to 1 year for your liver to adjust to not having a gallbladder ( do you have any diarrhea ? )if you do try a low fat diet as your gallbladder was your fat filter & now you dont have one .some people cut out spicy foods aswell liza, you only got surgery in march liza so give yourself time for plenty of recovery .my best wishes .
Re: Had Cdiff & now diagnosed MRSA positive...
Reply #6 by Callie
Posted: June 18, 2008 at 21:25
I don't believe that going private is any guarantee against HAIs sadly.

I don't know much about your specific situation Liza but I do agree that is it early days for you and I would imagine it will take along time for your body to fully recover from having the operation.

Can you speak to your consultant at the private clinic about recovery time and diet?
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