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Effective MRSA Prevention
Started by Jesse Cotto
Posted: November 8, 2007 at 16:17
(Only for those that would like to PREVENT MRSA of course-if that's you then YOU MUST READ THIS)

According to the CDC, 90% of the cross contamination occurs from the hands...ONLY 10% from water and air.

This is Not News (for most people);but if we only focus on simply washing our hands over and over the appropriate amount of time. And for those that may think they are giving "the extra mile" by using the alcohol-based antibacterials out there. This is the PERFECT COMBINATION if your AIM is to DRY your SKIN which in turn MAKES IT MORE VULNERABLE to acquiring MRSA.

What we need is a NON-ALcohol based solution that kills germs, viruses(never forget), and bacteria on CONTACT. Yet that contains something to moisturize the skin so the SKIN WON'T GET DRY. Something that will not WASH OFF YOUR SKIN when you WATER RUNS THROUGH YOUR HANDS. Even more, that when you wash your hands with water and soap it will continue to work. RIGHT?! Water-Resistant!! How about LASTING about FOUR HOURS!!

What I'm doing is DESCRIBING a Product I recently found out about in MID OCTOBER '07. The product goes fot the name of 'HEALTHY HANDSŪ' and I'm helping spread the Word About It. Because Many People that know such as Doctors, Scientist, Microbiologist (like me for example) are calling it THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO PREVENT MRSA.

I just wanted to Share What Have Made me Feel A Lot More Secure about MRSA these days.

For more info you can visit:

or Get Buy The Product at:

Thanks For Reading and Please You can feel free to COPY-PASTE THIS POST to Help Me Spread A VOICE of REAL EFFECTIVE PREVENTION!


Jesse Cotto

Re: Effective MRSA Prevention
Reply #1 by karen
Posted: November 9, 2007 at 15:20
MRSA hand washing is always good. But I don't think it will stop a MRSA infection.

I think keeping correct ph balance in body will prevent it.
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