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Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Started by BT
Posted: November 22, 2007 at 20:36
Hello everyone

I'd like to tell everyone that sometimes it pays off to complain about sub-standard treatment to the General Medical Counsel. Mr Michael Booker, a gynaecologist at Shirley Oaks and MayDay Hospitals received a 5 year warning for leaving a girl in her early thirties with a savage hospital infection, necrotizing fasciitis (the "flesh eating bug") for a total of three weeks. Most people die from this within a few hours but she kept fighting for her life with no support from him. This was without a proper diagnosis - he assured her it was merely a haematoma and would get 'bigger before it got smaller", and offered her no painkillers, even though she was literally screaming for them. He even went on his annual vacation to the South Coast whilst she was being eaten alive. Necrotizing Fasciitis is a strain of MRSA, and there's no excuse for leaving anyone in so much agony for so long. On the 21st day, he came back from his holiday and wrote in her medical notes that he was going to refer her to a psychiatrist as "she was refusing to mobilise to the toilet" - He thought the very visual infection on her torso was in her mind and that she could just get up and walk to the bathroom but was choosing not to. Fortunately, another surgeon saw her and saved her life. A seven year court battle with two changes of solicitors ensued. The defence's "experts" weren't very honest and nor independent as they were supposed to be. The country's largest settlement, and the GMC warning followed. Mr Michael Booker is still practising as she didn't die. He showed no remorse throughout despite being charged with sub-optimal service by his peers. My friend? She's badly injured and trying everyday to repair her life. Oh, and this all happened in a private hospital. Her initial booked-in five day stay turned into three weeks for which she had to pay the privelege out of her settlement. She spent another three weeks at an NHS hospital and years' trying her best to recuperate.
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #1 by Sandi
Posted: November 22, 2007 at 22:52
I hope she is alright now, and I hope that this is not removed from the forum. Mr Booker has the right to reply.
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #2 by anonymous
Posted: November 27, 2007 at 10:57
Shame he didnt get struck off as he wouldnt of been allowed to operate again and do injury to my friend and ruined her life too
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #3 by BT
Posted: December 3, 2007
Hello Anonymous, what happened? I'm so sorry he's injured your friend. Please write back. Has she started proceedings against him?

By the way, Sandi, no, unfortunately, the injury and pain are permanent and may shorten her life.
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #4 by BT
Posted: December 3, 2007
Anonymous, I'm uncertain about how these things work, but as Mr Michael Booker has done this again to your friend, and he has a five year warning, then perhaps, if your friend complains, he will be struck off. Perhaps the warning's a kind of probation. Please get back in contact.

Sandy, Mr Booker probably will reply but we believed he used aliases the last time
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #5 by Alice
Posted: December 11, 2007 at 14:45
I think it's just disgusting that Mr Booker is allowed to even perform surgery on anyone anymore given his past history.

Why is it always the doctors who seem to escape unharmed?!
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #6 by HT
Posted: December 26, 2007 at 12:30
I second that!
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #7 by Gisella
Posted: January 2, 2008 at 15:37
I'm trying to find a good ivf practictioner but after reading what i have about mr michael booker am feeling concerned. is there anyone anyone can recommend to me that practices at the mayday hospital?

thank you and warmest wishes for the new year ahead to everybody.

Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #8 by Annonimous
Posted: February 9, 2008 at 18:57
Bt leave me ur e-mail i will fill u in
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #9 by BT
Posted: February 9, 2008 at 22:44
Thanks, Anonymous, it's
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #10 by another
Posted: February 11, 2008 at 14:31
Bt just out of interest what was the law firm that your friend used to win the case with mr booker?
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #11 by do yourself a favor
Posted: February 11, 2008 at 14:33
gisella if i were you id go to another hospital an avoid maydie im sorry mayday oppss
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #12 by BT
Posted: February 12, 2008 at 20:09
Hi Another, she started off with Field Fisher Waterhouse then went onto Leigh Day and Co, and ended up with Irwin Mitchell. The solicitor from Irwin Mitchell has since moved to Leigh Day, so either Russell Levy or Claire Fazan would be highly recommended. If you're writing as you or someone you know is looking at starting legal proceedings, then check your household insurance, as the policy may give you a certain amount of legal expenses. Hope this helps.
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #13 by BT
Posted: February 12, 2008 at 20:11
... I meant to say either Russell Levy or Claire Fazan at Leigh Day and Co would be highly recommended.
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #14 by jennyr
Posted: February 13, 2008 at 22:15
My experiences of using Irwin Mitchell have been a complete disaster. Maybe I was unlucky with the lawyer....In any event, they have been worse than if I had defended a case myself.
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #15 by BT
Posted: February 17, 2008 at 18:54
Yes, she also wished she stayed with Leigh, Day, then go to IM, which is why I mentioned Russell at Leigh Day. It's also down to which barristers they chose, that can have such a detrimental effect.
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #16 by jennyr
Posted: February 21, 2008 at 22:44
Ah yes - the barrister used by Irwin Mitchell was a prat. He allowed the medical "experts" to speak rubbish unchallenged. But then again, perhaps he was fulfilling his 'duty' to the legal services commission to save money in compensation payments. The behaviour of the lawyers and the medical "experts" has been contemptible.
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #17 by BT
Posted: February 23, 2008 at 12:33
I totally agree. In our case, when we switched to no win no fee, it was even worse. Either "take the first offer or defend yourself in court". The barristers didn't even try for a meeting between both parties before court which is seen as standard. The so-called experts on the Medical Defence Union side were not very independent, and one of them, who has a very bad reputation, twisted everything. It was like going from the frying pan into the fire. That's to say, the legal experience was almost as bad as the hospital one.... just when you think you're in a safe place, the world caves in - AGAIN! Our barrister deliberately messed our case up at the end, in order to reduce the settlement as it was a month before Christmas, they threw in 'rehabilitation' a week before the court date as they never wanted to go to court. Impling that her injuries would go away, seven years on if she went BACK into hospital for rehabilitation. The fact that no one offers rehabilitation for such as injury and you can't even exercise with such abdominal condition, didn't bother them. No wonder the solicitor from Irwin Mitchell then left to join Leigh, Day shortly afterwards.

JennyR, have you started the court costs procedure yet? The solicitors at IM will try and claim their costs from the injured person if they don't get them all from the defence. You'll need a court costs draftsman, even just to sit in at the hearings, to make them realise they can't just take what the want out of your settlement. Leigh Day and Field Fisher Waterhouse were sweet, they didn't want anything, but IM weren't that considerate.
Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #18 by jennyr
Posted: February 23, 2008 at 22:16
Thanks for your response. The barrister in my daughter's case also deliberately thwarted the case at a conference, and afterwards boasted about how much public money it had cost. In other words, how he and the "medical experts" had deliberately told blatant lies in order to help themselves to public money granted in order for my daughter to "access justice". He actively encouraged the experts to speak rubbish, ignore the pertinent issues and deliberately bait me at the conference. I think he got a huge kick from it. What a total pervert. Just to rub my nose in it, after listening to all their pompous lies and arrogant nonsense at conference, the barrister then nit-picked through the pathetically small expenses that I had claimed on behalf of my daughter, as if it was me that was trying to abuse the system, rather than them....he took great pleasure in telling me that the cost of the conference was more than the cost of the original "offer" made (before any stupid lawyers or medical "experts" got involved). To be honest, I should have kicked him in the balls, (except I doubt he has any....!)

He then magnanimously said he wouldn't be taking any costs from the settlement (the court costs you mentioned?), even though he could have done...bloody cheek - the "offer" just about pays for the Calpol my daughter was getting through in bucket-loads for several years. Mind you, I would like to see them try to get the costs out of me!!! At this stage, I have refused the offer as it is made on the basis of lies and perjury. Next step - not sure, probably should be mediated. This should have been done at the very beginning but of-course the lawyers never mention it, presumably because there is less money in it for them.

You know, what makes me so mad, is this is all to do with a very young child who went through an awful lot of suffering that was completely unnecessary. The vultures really do descend, don't they?

Re: Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Reply #19 by BT
Posted: February 29, 2008 at 11:09
Hi Jennyr, I've only just come back to this page and read your posting. I'm so sorry that you and your daughter are going through this. Please push for mediation, that's something we were denied yet apparantly, the judge takes a dim view if both parties don't meet around a table after rejection of the first offer. What happened to your daughter?

R, the barrister also thwarted the case at the last conference which was a shock. It felt like a total act of betrayal. Now I know why his handshake is so weak!

Yes, costs from the settlement are the court costs I mentioned. Something they keep schtum about, and something neither Field Fisher Waterhouse nor Leigh Day were going to pursue, but IM, they're a different breed of firm. The court costs draftsman we got for the court costs hearing at the supreme court said that our solicitor can't automatically deduct their costs from the settlement as, if the court costs judge says its unreasonable that the defence should pay them, the same argument should prevent the claimant to have to pay them. Let me know if you need any help with anything. A year after the case, you may have a court costs hearing yourself, in which case make contact with me and I'll give you the contact details of the draftsman, as he can go through all your paperwork for you. He's not expensive and will protect you. In fact, he prob won't even charge you. The solicitor firms do not expect you to even know what a court costs draftsman does, so are surprised when you turn up with one!

Stay strong!!
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