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Kill MRSA With A Button
Started by Grant Lalli
Posted: December 12, 2007 at 20:01

ActivePure kills germs on surfaces.That's proven. Viruses on doorknobs,like the flu,die.Bacteria,like E.coli and Salmonella on countertops,are stopped in their tracks.That means less exposure to illness causing germs for your friends and family.
A filter can't reach germs on surfaces ,this unique product can,without toxic chemicals,to safely protect your family and help prevent the spread of germs.On the way ,it knocks out smoke and odors,without cover-ups.
Think outside,inside.Natural,germ-killing,odor-reducing processes found in sunlight and thunderstorms are recreated in the home.Based on NASA research to create safer environments during space travel .And used by the Pentagon after 9/11.

Kansas State University Tested this Technology and found that in 2 hours 97% of MRSA was neutralized, 99.99 % killed in 24 hours on Surfaces .With the push of a Button.In less than 12 hours,over 99.99% of H5N8 Flu virus-Avian Influenza-was neutralixed.Imagine that kind of germ-killing power in your home.To learn more go to

Grant Lalli
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