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is Dad at risk because of me?
Started by Law
Posted: December 23, 2007 at 01:02
I found out yesterday that Dad has osophegas cancer, i had mrsa 3 years ago after cesarian section. My worry is that dad is going in for surgery within the next week or two to try and remove the tumour, i will be caring for him, i am terrified that i will give him mrsa,should i be speaking to my doctor about antibacterial body wash stc, im just so scared i make dad worse, please please if you have any info, it would be greatly apreciated.
Re: is Dad at risk because of me?
Reply #1 by Callie
Posted: December 23, 2007 at 16:23
Your dad should be screened for MRSA before he has his op - perhaps you could speak to your GP and explain the situation and your concerns and asked to be screened too.
Re: is Dad at risk because of me?
Reply #2 by Maria
Posted: December 24, 2007
Dear Law
As Callie says you can ask your GP to be screened if you are caring for someone who is vulnerable. I did when I was nursing my mum who was having chemotherapy, I explained that she had MRSA and was clear and I wanted to check that I was not colonised as I was nursing her. The GP was prepared to screen me on that basis, and despite being in the hospital environment for some months and nursing mum who was MRSA positive at that time my swabs all came back clear, so there was no risk of me reinfecting her, as we took all the precautions to ensure any risk was kept to a minimum. Visit our website at for more information on MRSA and help if you need it.
Re: is Dad at risk because of me?
Reply #3 by Law
Posted: December 26, 2007 at 23:39
Thanks girls, i phoned doc and i am going in for swabs tomorrow, dad thinks he may be in for his op bedore new year,i am hoping it will be a bit longer so as i can get the results and hopefully a clear then i can be beside him in hospital holding his hand. i cant believe that after 2 and a half years my mrsa nightmare has came back to haunt me, i feel like i am being punnished or soemthing, all i want is to hold dads hand and be there to care for him, i am so angry right now, all i can think is that someone's lack of hygeine is why i am crying.i am still living this awful nightmare of mrsa, its always going to be there isnt it. anyway, will just have to wait and see what is thrown at us. Thanks again x
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