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Mrsa found by stye
Started by Fiona
Posted: May 29, 2008 at 22:52
I was diagnosed with Mrsa about 3 yrs. ago. wnen I had a terrible stye in my eye. I took an antibiotic for about 2 weeks, then realizing I had a reaction to it. I then learned I was allergic to sulfa. After that I never took anything else. I have never had any boils or more styes, but I have recently for the past 5 months not been feeling well in my head I first thought it was a bad tooth which needed a root canal had that done didn't change a thing. Now 5 months later I'm off work for 2 weeks. the doctor thought it was exhaustion fromm workink I work a 40 job and a part time job. I'm slleeping in every day and getting plenty of sleep, still feeling bad. My heads in a fog I feel tired, I get this metal taste to my mouth . I take allergy meds its not that. Need some help does anyone have these kind of symtoms?
Re: Mrsa found by stye
Reply #1 by Ruth Wollacott
Posted: May 30, 2008 at 09:11
My son contracted MRSA five years ago but although the infection was cleared, he has suffered, and continues to suffer, many apparently unrelated symptoms, several similar to those described by you. He has not been able to return to work since he contracted MRSA. The fatigue after the least exertion and overwhelming tiredness and sleeping odd and long hours continues. He suffered occasional very severe headaches for two or three years after MRSA together with a very marked change in taste perception. He complained that food tasted different, meals he had previously enjoyed would made him retch and his palate reduced to a staple of very plain food, all of which had to be cooked exactly to the condition he felt able to stomach; he was never picky about food before, always had a good appetite and enjoyed almost everything.

Other MRSA survivors have reported similar alterations in taste perception so this does seem to be documented elsewhere, albeit anecdotal from the patients themselves. Nevertheless, no-one is aware of the symptoms more acutely than the patient and I would suggest that what you are describing are previously recognised after effects of either MRSA infection itself, the legacy of damage that MRSA infection leaves or the side effects of the drugs used to combat MRSA infection. The common factor is MRSA. I hope that as more MRSA survivors continue to report these long term effects, MRSA victims will find a greater degree of acceptance from the medical profession that MRSA is a life devastating illness and not to be dismissed quite so lightly.

I wish you well.
Re: Mrsa found by stye
Reply #2 by linda mccafferty
Posted: May 30, 2008 at 23:36
Dear Fiona , in a thread called " after effects of mrsa on the body " you will see there was a discussion about this . at the time i felt these symptoms were very much like ME/CFS reading your symptoms i still feel the same . in the other thread i stated im not saying that mrsa aftermath is ME/CFS but the symptoms are very much alike . what interests me regarding yours is the stye & the feeling of tooth pain . i have been a sufferer of ME/CFS for 7 yrs with exactly the same symptoms right down to the pain in jaw on the right side of my face that i was never away from the dentist with . i think more research is needed into mrsa aftermath there is to many people reporting feeling poorly & it must be looked into . ME/CFS can be mild or debilitating you can suffer for weeks , month's or years , some people for the rest of there lives . this has to be researched & addressed for the public's sake as i still state this is a catastrophe in the making .
Re: Mrsa found by stye
Reply #3 by Ally
Posted: November 21, 2009 at 23:18
I was recently told that my infection was Mersa. The doctors originally told me it
was allergies because I had a stye in my eye. Said it had to be allergies or
sinuses??? Mean while I have a huge abese on the right side of my head. I have
been out of work almost a month. And trying to get into an ID doctor has been a
struggle. When will I feel better? I see these pots about years. It scares me worse
researching on the web but I want to know what I am up against.
Re: Mrsa found by stye
Reply #4 by Jo
Posted: January 26, 2010 at 14:40
I was recently diagnosed with MRSA from a boil on my chin with severe pain and bone pain. Now two+ weeks and post hospitalization later..I am having terrible tooth pain especially in one tooth. I am approaching the end of my numerous antibiotic treatments but I also have the symptoms of foods not tasting the same, nausea and vomiting at times, tired etc.. Does anyone know what I should do about this tooth pain???? Help!
Re: Mrsa found by stye
Reply #5 by linda mccafferty
Posted: January 27, 2010 at 13:42
Have you been to a dentist Jo ? if so, what did they say about the tooth pain ?
Re: Mrsa found by stye
Reply #6 by Katie
Posted: October 9, 2011 at 10:26
Hi Fiona. I'm twenty-one and was diagnosed with MRSA about five years
ago. It started after I found what I thought was a pimple on my outer
thigh. About two days or so after popping my mom had to bring me to
the ER because I couldn't walk. I've had a total of five infections
that needed to be removed from my body since then. The medicine does
help, but my doctor never prescribes me with the same one twice.
After that first infection though, things haven't been the same. I
get depressed a lot, have terrible toothaches, and severe migraines.
My mom took me to the dentist after complaining about the toothaches.
I just figured it was a cavity, but they discovered nothing. I never
really had connected the two together though. I also have gotten sick
much more since then which for me was odd because growing up, I was
never sick and never really had any problems at all. Just know that
you aren't alone. I strongly agreed with Linda when she said that
more research should be done. I ran across this article because I now
have a stye and was trying to do research to see if it was any
different for MRSA victims and if I should see a doctor or just let it
go on it's own. If anyone has any advice on that issue, please let me
Re: Mrsa found by stye
Reply #7 by linda mccafferty
Posted: October 12, 2011 at 01:13
Dear Katie , if your stye is leaking any pus i would get it swabbed right away , they will be able to tell by the lab report if it is indeed mrsa .
Re: Mrsa found by stye
Reply #8 by linda mccafferty
Posted: October 12, 2011 at 01:14
Dear Katie , if your stye is leaking any pus i would get it swabbed right away , they will be able to tell by the lab report if it is indeed mrsa .
Re: Mrsa found by stye
Reply #9 by Nan
Posted: January 20, 2018 at 19:16
Been plagued by styes since having permanent dentures lower cemented any indication cause of styes??? Been to ophthalmologist several times. Steroid injections Dr.showed no concern. Styes mow closed over need to be removed by plastic surgeon. I am becoming increasingly worried. Just had blood work all normal!!! Becoming increasingly scared. What are they missing!???? I feel awful all the time.
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