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Infected newborn
Started by Yvonne
Posted: June 20, 2008 at 22:10
Our son was born on 21st May and immediately admitted to the Special Care Unit as he was a low birth weight and refusing to feed, resulting in hypoglycemia and dehydration. At 5 days we were told that a colonisation of MRSA had been found on his skin and in his throat and he was moved to an isolation room and barrier nursed. At the time there was a possibility that the bacteria had entered his blood stream through his heel which had become very infected following all the heel pricks he had been subjected to. But, after observing him for 5 days the hospital staff decided that he was well and we were discharged to continue his treatment at home.

We were given a skin wash to use day for 5 days and nasal drops. We have now been through this process twice as the colonisation remains on his skin, and today we were informed that he is still positive following his latest swabs. We are now in the position that no one in the health care team looking after him seem to know what to do.

One of the GPS at our surgery thinks we should just forget he even has it but given that he is a very small newborn who has been very ill we are concerned that he is too vulnerable to ignore the issue. We are also paranoid about every spot or wound he has on his skin and we don't want to be in this state of anxiety in the long term.

Both my husband and myself are dreading having to go through the washing process again at home as it causes our little boy a lot of distress. We are now considering having him admitted privately for treatment in hospital. The medical team at our surgery and at hospital are very unclear about the best medicines to use and how safe they are for small babies which is making us even more anxious. We are also unwilling to have our son tested for any infections as this involves pricking his skin and giving the bacteria more opportunity to enter his blood.

So, do we ignore that he has MRSA and hope that it will go away, treat him ourselves at home although this has twice failed to have any effect, or admit him to hospital in the hope that a different type of wash and care by a professional will remove the bacteria?

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