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MRSA in Babies
Started by Ami
Posted: January 14, 2009 at 11:59
My daughter was born at just 24 weeks and spent 17 weeks fighting for her life.On top of the many complications that come with being so premature,she contracted MRSA.I understand everyones anger at the fact that it is so common and is caught in areas where hand washing etc are so important.We were angry when we found out she had it and working within the NHS i understand the problems it can cause.We were lucky in the respect the baby unit tracked its source but we also know she contracted it probably whilst she was being resusitated.We accept she has it,it is horrible she is put into side rooms if she goes into hospital etc but at least this helps prevent spread.We rather have her here with us than if someone had spent the time to wash their hands that time would of meant she could of lost her life.I feel sometimes these things are unavoidable.The thing that annoys we is in the community such as health visitors etc they do not understand the ways to prevent this spreading,when i went to clinic for the 1st time and meantioned she had it they asked he if they need gloves and aprons more needs to be done within this sector.Lots of people naturally carry MRSA and its not until they become ill that it causes a problem.Sometimes yes the doctors,nurses etc should be more hygienic but patients and visitors should also make sure they are hand washing etc.I work on a ward we provide gel on every bed end,remind people to hand wash,clean beds everyday,use surgical wash on patients and nose gel,but we still see cases happen.I feel loads more needs to be done especially when you see it in so many vunerable areas,I do get angry sometimes as my daughter was banned from health clinics for the first year of her life.Being oxygen dependant and very poorly we needed the support of others but didnt get it because no one understood the MRSA.I spend every day though being grateful she is here with me as she only had a 6% chance of survival.The only way this bug will die is if everyone works together.Better hygiene,understanding hand washing,at work,hospitals and home.Trying to clear my daughter has been a nightmare she had it originally in her groin but being little she touched the area and transfered it to her nose and throat.But just because she has MRSA should she be denied the care she needs?If your child went to nursery and you heard one of the children has MRSA what would your response be?My daughter has been unable to interact with children her age because of it.I do hope one day she is clear of it
Re: MRSA in Babies
Reply #1 by RosieKV
Posted: January 16, 2009 at 22:06
Hi Ami

I'm really sorry to hear about your daughter. How old is she now? I don't know anything about MRSA in babies, my daughter is 20 and has MRSA and that is scary enough!

You are right that there is so much ignorance about MRSA, even among the professionals. I don't think they can ban her from nursery tho - I'm sure that would be classed as disability discrimination.
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