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Filth in Hospitals
Started by Debbie
Posted: June 26, 2009
My sister had an abcess on her leg, she was treated in hospital, they operated on her leg, drained the abcess. After spending a few nights in there she was sent home, however her wound would not heal. She was attending a local day clinic having her dressings changed, the nurse took swabs to be tested, results came back that she had MRSA. She was operated on in November 08, she was worried about the op as she was over weight, she was told not to worry as she had "a very strong and healthy heart" in early Feb 09, she died of a massive heart attack, aged only 44. I read an article about MRSA, it stated that main cause of death when you have MRSA is heart attack, as it causes blood clots. I don't understand how she can be told that her heart was healthy and strong to dieing of heart attack a few short months later. Local authorities told my family that MRSA wasn't the cause of death. I personally think that authorities cover up this disease, they don't want law suits on their hands, I will personally say until the day that I die that it was MRSA that caused that blood clot that took my sister away from her two girls ages 17 and 19 and away from all her family who loved her dearly. RIP Fiona x
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