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MRSA free after 3 years!!!
Started by Gerry
Posted: June 26, 2009 at 10:18
Hi All, Im a 48 yo male and have had Diverticulitis for a few years and had a bowel abcess removed at a clinic. I'm not sure where I got MRSA but it started not to long after the procedure. I started getting boils on my torso, buttocks and upper thighs. I thought it was just a hygiene issue but went and got checked 2 yrs ago and tested pos for staphilococos aureus. The docs prescribed peroxide washes and antibiotics. I gave up on the docs 6 mos ago since I dont have insurance and was paying big $$$ at a University Hospital with no resolve. I started taking colloidal silver(1100ppm/3drops) in the am, vitamin c, zinc, magnesium supplements daily. I apply my own solution of Hibiclens/50% water/3 drops colloidal silver mixed, applied directly to effected areas as soon as there is itching or a bump forming. Shave body hair off of the affected areas. I apply hibiclens to effected areas when I shower and wash it off after 5 minutes every three days. Immediately I noticed the boils weren't growing like they did before and came to a head in just 2 days. In the last 2 months I have had no outbreaks. Just one bump on my leg and I put my solution on it and it went away in 2 days. I also sanitize EVERY laundry load with 1/2 cup of borax, clothes - undergarments - sheets - towels - jackets, hot water setting. I SWEAR this bug survives in clothing and material!!! I disinfect my furniture and bath fixtures with lysol spray several times a week. Never wear any clothes or re-use bath towels before sanitizing them!. I am also doing chelation suppositorys for 30 days every few months along with the other routines. This boosts your immune system by removing metal toxins from your body. I also avoid sugary sweets, chocolate, and high fat foods and try to apply garlic to food daily. I also use a solution of 3% peroxide and saline as a nose spray once a day. Be careful if you try this - Peroxide can damage your nervous system so keep the ratio at 3% or less. Today I am completely free of the rash and boils. I am not a salesman nor am I a quack. I swear this is the only thing that worked for me. The antibiotics were useless. I have 2 friends who are using the same approach and their MRSA has cleared up quickly. If anyone needs proof I will get my med records and show you photos. Look into alternative meds. I got tired of the suffering and almost became a recluse because of MRSA infection. Now I am getting out again and am not suffering anymore and wear summer clothes without embarrassment. If you are not getting immediate progress from your doctors don't pay them another dime. Look into alternatives, you won't be sorry and it may save you life. I dont need facts or AMA studies to prove or disprove anything I know its working it has gone away, unfortunately after wasting $1000's on prescription creams that burned my skin and in-effective antibiotic treatments that mad me sick! Now if I can only get rid of the scars left from MRSA. I guesss I'll work on that next ;-}.
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