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CA MRSA experience
Started by Scott
Posted: July 23, 2009 at 23:17
Hello I want to share my experience with CA MRSA with you. My girlfriend and I both caught CA MRSA in March 2009. We both started breaking out with a couple of pimples on our faces and folliculitis on our thighs and calves. We both noticed that we had joint pain especially in our fingers, elbows, knees and wrists. Our skin was also very itchy at times and I had eye itching often. Over the next week or so we started breaking out with more pimples on our back, chest, stomach and legs. We make an appointment with a dermatologist and saw him on April 6th. He said he didnít think the joint pain was related to the skin problem and we should see a rheumatologist for it. He gave us Keflex 4X a day for 10 days. It didnít work for us so we were given Avelox for 10 days and that also didnít work. Meanwhile I started having pain in my chest mainly on the left side but occasionally on the right side. To make a long story short my other doctor figured out the chest pain was from Costochondritis. He believed it was related to the bacterial infection. This is very painful just reliving the hell we both went through because of this disease. Shortly after stopping the Avelox I broke out with a boil on my lower abdomen. It really hurt and was full of puss. I decided to see a new dermatologist. He took a culture of it and said it may be CA MRSA and suggested we start on doxycycline 2X a day for 10 days. We were also given bactoban ointment and hibiclens skin cleaner. When the culture came back it showed absolutely nothing. He was very surprised it was negative and figured the prior antibiotic use threw off the culture results. The doctor said when treating these types of infections often the antibiotics will work a little at first but then donít end up continuing to improve as the course goes on. The key is getting the right antibiotic and without a culture itís not easy. The doxycline didnít end up working. The folliculitis wouldnít go away but had faded a little. The pimples were still breaking out in various locations. The joint pain had improved a little but was still there. The next antibiotic we were given was Sulfa TMP/SMX DS 2X day 10 days with Rifampin 300 mg 2X a day for 10 days. We had read that it was best drink plenty of water and also drink Gatorade for the electrolytes. We also read that it would be very helpful to eat a couple of yogurts a day take acidophilus and eat a high protein diet. We ended up taking about 8 acidophilus a day and lots of everything else. I believe this definitely helped minimize the side effects. We both did ok with the treatment but at the beginning we were somewhat nautious, tired and got a few headaches. We took Advil to help with the headaches. We were told not to mix Rifampin with Tylenol because it could cause liver damage. At this point we were so desperate to just get rid of this dreadful disease we would put up with just about anything! Just as we were starting the treatment my girlfriend broke out with a very large boil on the side of her upper leg. The doctor said he thought it was already brewing before we started the new treatment. After the 10 day treatment was over we had definitely improved some more but were not convinced it was over. The folliculitis had faded a little more but wasnít gone yet and there were still pimples that would break out in various locations. We decided to see an infectious disease specialist for his opinion. He suspected it still may not have been completely killed and that we may be dealing with a group A Steptococcus. The antibiotics we had taken did not cover this particular bacteria completely. You have to be kidding me. We were put on Clindamycin 450 mg 3X a day for 10 days. We continued with the high protein diet with plenty of water, Gatorade, yogurt and acidophilus to help minimize the chance of getting C-Diff or Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea. After about 2 days of being on Clindamycin we both had a lot of eye itching, skin itching and some joint pain. The folliculitis was starting to disappear and fade away. By the third day all the itching was getting better and the joint pain was barely noticeable. I donít know if this was a reaction to the Clndamycin or maybe the Strep was dying in our bodies. We continued to improve as the dosing went on. By the time we were through with the Clindamycin the folliculitis had completely disappeared and there were no pimples showing up anywhere. Itís now been about a week since we stopped the last of the Clindamycin. We both feel 100% our original healthy selves at this time. We have no folliculitis, pimples, boils, furnacles, skin itching eye itching joint pain or anything else. I think most likely the infection is gone. Time will tell. I believe that the joint pain is definitely related to this disease. The itching and pimples weather very small or bigger are all part of this disease. I would say if your skin is not exactly what is was before you caught the disease you have not gotten rid of it yet. You have to get to the right antibiotic for the strain of CA MRSA that you have. Hopefully you can get a positive ID on it with a culture. We were not able to do that so we ended up taking all kinds of antibiotics until we found the right one. The washes and ointments wonít remove it with the proper antibiotic. You have to stay focused on getting well no matter what. I didnít bother to mention three other doctors we saw in our quest to get cured. Some said ďnot to worry about it unless a big boil appearedĒ. Some said ďthe folliculitis was normal even though I never had it beforeĒ. Some said ďDonít worry theyíre just pimplesĒ. There are some really bad doctors out there. Be sure to get a couple of opinions if necessary. If for whatever reason this insidious thing comes back we will continue to fight each and every day for the rest of our lives to get rid of it. I hope maybe our story may help someone else suffering from this disease. Donít ever give up!!!
Re: CA MRSA experience
Reply #1 by Kim Kitty
Posted: July 24, 2009 at 02:56
Thanks for a detailed experience. I agree there are some 'BAD' doctors out there.
Re: CA MRSA experience
Reply #2 by Vicky
Posted: October 30, 2009 at 21:16
This experience is almost a mirror to ours, except we are still getting it back even after all these drugs. Don't relax and think its gone. Keep up the home regime of clorox cleaning and laundry with bleach.

Re: CA MRSA experience
Reply #3 by Barbara
Posted: August 29, 2011 at 19:40
I found this thread desperating trying to link my costocondritis and MRSA infections. I am convinced, after trying to fight MRSA causing surface lesions on two different occasions within six months and having a bout of costocondritis after going off the antibiotics each time (first time Septra: had a severe allergic reaction and couldn't finish cycle; second time: Clyndamicin, serious side effects (vomiting, extreme diaherra (sp) and went off before finishing after LPN said "well, your allergy to Clynda is worse than a few skin lesions--shouldn't have listened!)) I asked BOTH drs. (different ones) whether the costocondritis could be related to the MRSA (the lesions are in the same place, duh!) and they both said no way. Why do we listen to these "experts?" So, here I am with internal pain, lower back pain and severe costocondritis and I'm almost positive it's because the MRSA is still there in my chest, compromising my organs and god knows what else. Do I need to go into sepsis or respiratory failure before a Dr. can figure this out? It's so discouraging. Side note: two daughters and husband have also had terrible bouts with MRSA. All treated and still recurring. We have to live with this for the rest of our lives? ANyone else have proof of MRSA and costocondritis experience that I can take to these so called medical professionals so I can get proper care and beat this thing?
Re: CA MRSA experience
Reply #4 by cathy
Posted: June 8, 2012 at 20:09
Thankyou for putting this, i had MRSA found in my sputum back in
march, iv had 3 hospital admissions and am in excruciating pain in my
chest around my rib cage and lungs, i have had had terrible treatment
from the NHS i am now on morphine and unable to do much at all as i
become so breathless. yesterday i asked if the MRSA could have
something to do with me ending up with Costcondritis, and was told its
possible ! i am having a CAT scan on Monday. an animal would not be
left to suffer this much pain that i can only describe as sharp
stabbing and going into some kind of spasmn iv never felt pain like
it.The MRSA was not properly treated and despite having severe asthma
and rhumatoid arthritus i never had this rib cage pain untill after i
had the MRSA now the NHS treat me like i am a nusiance . i have been
on a life support 3 times i was bought up as a child in great ormond
street hospital and yet on wednesday night when i was screaming in
agony the paramedic had no empathy and neither did the staff in A+E i
was given gas and air, oramorph a pain suppository, zapian tramodol
and ibuprofen i was off my face, almost asif give her enough to shut
her up, then they sent me home at 2am unaided and with a canula left
in my arm, wich i took out when i got home. i had suspected all along
this has to be connected with the MRSA how dare they treat people this
way. i wish everyone on here who has suffered this excruciating pain
well and dont put up with poor health care treatment, only you know
your body. i have fought ill health all my life but now i am very
Re: CA MRSA experience
Reply #5 by Abby
Posted: March 27, 2018 at 13:20
I am truly thankful to be reading these stories. I too believe this is exactly how I
got here. I found this forum the other day when searching Folliculitis and
costochondritis. I was diagnosed with costochondritis on feb. 5 2018. Iíve had it
ever since. I then found lesions on my buttocks area diagnosed as Folliculitis and
was given TMP/SMX to treat this. Didnít work. My hair is also falling out from this.
I have pustules on my head Iíve found in various spots. I went to the ER to be
given doxycycline and a muscle relaxer for the pain. I asked about MRSA and was
brushed off like oh no it canít be that or thatís not as bad as it used to be. Well Iím
not convinced and would love the doxycycline to work but Iím doubtful this will
happen. Iíve had this for two months now and have lost probably 25% of my hair
b/c of it. And just genuinely feel unwell. Iím left with the pain of costochondritis
and my hair falling out. The pustules on my head keep forming. I will not continue
after this antibiotic to be put on another one for it not to work!!! This is an
excruciating fight and doctors donít seem to test me to find out how to kill the
strain I have. Only one out of any of them told me itís possible MRSA. How can
they be so careless as to peopleís health when especially you have insurance that
will pay for everything. How can they brush u off!! I have a 5 year old daughter I
have to take care and her life has just begun. I need answers!!
Re: CA MRSA experience
Reply #6 by Abby
Posted: May 20, 2018 at 16:11
Read up on threads on the USA topix posted by Bob Anderson concerning garlic (allicin) baths. In addition to Mr. Anderson's advice you should concentrate your efforts on boosting your immune system and only take antibiotics when absolutely necessary. I can't say what has worked for others but for myself, so far,what seems to be working for me is:

Daily (one pill unless otherwise noted):
500mg Turmeric Extract with biotin (pepper)
Garlic Extract 5000mcg enteric coated
1000mg vitamin C
2500mg fish oil
Olive Leaf Extract 750mg (once every 3 days)

Homemade master tonic 2 ounces twice daily
Probiotic drinks: Kefir water, Kefir Milk (daily)
Homemade sauerkraut (a few times a week)
Greek yogurt and add blueberries (daily)

Inhale crushed garlic (allicin) a few times a week
Use crushed garlic water on my body and allow to absorb into skin once or twice a week.

Antiobiotics destroy good gut flora (bacteria) along with bad bacteria so overuse lowers the body's natural immune system. Bolster your immune system, take garlic baths and you may substantially reduce MRSA related outbreaks. MRSA can become dormant so IMO it's best to stay on a regiment that is working to reduce or eliminate outbreaks
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