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Started by daniellefromUSA
Posted: July 30, 2011 at 23:22

Im a healthy young adult woman in my 20s and ive had mersa for a few years sofar. It didnt go away yet and i suffered every day for about 3 yrs sofar.I feel like im 80 years old,I have no life quality.
but mersa can happen to anyone, I guess some peoples genetics are more prone to getting this.I probably got it from the community, from someone who carried it. and its airborne so i probably got it from an open cut that was exposed to that. going out in public now is a nightmare for me, especially in crowds because i never know if ill walk near someone or touch a door handle that is carrying mersa or staf. sometimes if i even walk near someone i get severely itchy and start having trouble breathing.
and many non sick people do carry mrsa but they arent sick
i dont allow myself into elevators with other people. i try not to sit near people. i make public outings quick so that i dont stay near groups of people for more than a few minutes
WASHING HANDS. does not help defend from mrsa. that is the stupidest advice that the usa medical booklets say to do. because mersa is severely strong, that even antibacterial soap and water wont do much
it might even be whats helping mrsa exist.all this antibacterial stuff and misuse of antibiotics over the last 30 yrs.

so I need a cure. so that i can function in life and not continue to live as a cripple dependant on everyone, being stared at in public and made fun of because i look very sick. people normally guess im some drug addict bum, because the mersa affects my appearance terrible. skin, hair, tiredness, shaky, and so on
but no ive never done drugs, im a good educated member of society and i didnt chose to be sick

these are my symptoms ive suffered in the last 3 years since ive been sick every day. im 100% sure they are connected to this infection since i was healthy before that and when the rashes and boils are at their worst so are the other symptoms

1) red sandpaper like rashes on skin different areas such as all over my face(looks like a sunburn) leg, arm, stomache, neck

2)boils infected with pus, bleeding and then within a few weeks scab and then new ones return

3)sometimes breathing trouble

4)weakness, tiredness

5)shakyness twitching, coordination problems, jitteryness, anxiety for no reason, depression

6) severely sweating and with the chills. buckets of sweat for no reason even on a cold winter day. i am constancly freezing. that i havent even used an air conditioner for the past 2 summers. since even in 100 degree farenheight weather im still freezing indoors with no air conditioner on.

7) confusion,transe or psychotic type episodes, memory loss,impulsive manic behavior.( usually accompanied by severe sweating episodes, shakyness and breathing issues)
8) jerking movements , was scared i was going into a seizure

9) trouble keeping my balance or standing

10) speech trouble, slurring speech trouble finishing words

11) dizzyness

ill continue
Reply #1 by daniellefromusa
Posted: July 30, 2011 at 23:46

12)severe skin pains where i was screaming terribly, like horror movie screaming

13)dragging my feet, muscle weakness

14) i cant sleep at night

15) i feel like i have brain damage, because i can no longer socialize normally,i have trouble knowing what i want to say, or behaving oddly in public. so i avoid people as much as i can. i also cant figure things out or think like i used to, judgement, problem solving, detailed thoughts... are all damaged

16)im always weak so i binge eat on high carb, sugar foods to help. i tried to eat healthy and i was feeling more sick because of that so i went back to drinking soda, cake, donuts, fried food, resturant food, chocolate and it seemed to help with the weakness

but that means i gained 30 pounds since i got sick. meaning im now almost obese. and i do not want to be overweight

HERE is what i tried to get rid of the symptoms or mersa

1) atleast 10 different kinds of antibiotic pills, tablets. i think the only thing i didnt try was vancomycin and i want to avoid that

2) showering 2-10 times a day wirh 8 types of soaps, shampoo to get rid of the skin pains

3)multivitamins with iron, vitamin c, green tea,ginger,garlic,hot pepper sauce, cayenne pepper, bee pollen supplements, maunka honey,prunes,aloe,hand sanitizer, cleaning alchohol, spraying my skin with lysol or other germ killing household products (not safe, but i was desperate)

4)standing outside after it thunders and rains )ozone cleaning antibacterial effects

5) washing with small cup of bleach and water, surgical scrub too

6)benadryl, broke out from hives after taking the last antibiotics(maybe a good sign)

7) eat peices of salt crystals

8)antibiotic skin ointments

9)phenomenal water (helped give me some energy sofar)

10) athletes foot ointment

11) sitting in the sun, walking on a hot day, drinking hot cocoa during 95 degree farenheight weather (sweat away toxins)

i think thats is sofar

so i dont know what to do this thing is determined to kill me but till it does it wants to stay on my skin, its probably in my bloodstream too since i have toxic symptoms, internal sickness.

im too disabled from this, i have trouble many times even walking down the street halfway,people stare at me in public.
i cannot work or go about my daily life. even shopping for groceries is a challenge

i also feel depressed like i should give up like i shouldnt be better

i cant have friends or socialize, no career, i gained lots of weight, im a shut in

people also bully me because i dont look to great, my hair is always oily and knotted, my face is greasy or rashy, i look sleepy and jittery, uncoordinated. so people bully me assuming im homeless and havent showered in 2 months even tho i shower atleast 3 times every day. theres also a stink with the sweatyness, infection.i get shouted at and thrown out of stores and asked if ill shoplift. people are horrible towards me because im sick
Reply #2 by daniellefromUSA
Posted: July 30, 2011 at 23:48
ALSO I leak severe amounts(buckets of) of greasy oil from my skin, scalp. so my hair always has tons of oil in it it gets crusty, my skin looks greasy, even after i shower within an hour or two more oily actual crisco type stuff leaks from the skin
Reply #3 by linda mccafferty
Posted: July 31, 2011
Danielle , here is the link to the USA/Canda forum , as this is the UK forum , you will recieve better advice here ........
Reply #4 by ruth
Posted: August 3, 2011 at 03:06
SAMe, SOD2, NAC, vitamin C and lysine, skullcap, licorice and ginger tea are some of the
things that worked for me.

Reply #5 by Gemma
Posted: August 3, 2011 at 14:00
I want to tell you my story as I have been living with MRSA now for 18 months
but for the last 6 months I have lived a good life again.
I was actually diagnosed with a rare and dangerous form called PVL
MRSA. I had boils, a very dodgy tummy, random spells of dizziness, tight breathing
and depression. When i did exercise and sweat the boils would come back, also after
a night out drinking alcohol. They tested my for diabetes, lymph problems, and HIV.
As none of these were the problem the doctors kept fobbing me off with a pack of
anti-biotics which would clear the boil for about 3 weeks then it would come back
again (under arms, legs, nose etc) I had to do many many trips to the doctors for
them to actually take me seriously as by this point I hit rock bottom with depression
as my immune system was shockingly low (which i was unaware of at the time).
Finally I got to see a specialist who told me what I had which was a huge shock for

One day my brother at work saw an article on MRSA and emailed me the article which
said the best cure was MANUKA HONEY!!! You can buy it from Holland and Barrett,
Asda, Sainsbury. It's quite expensive but I thought i'll try it. I got strength 12+ and
added a table spoon in herbal tea. Drank 2 cups a day, morning and evening. Along
with drinking this I washed daily with a pink surgical scrub called Hydrex which you
can but over the counter at ASDA. Sometimes you need a prescription from the doctor
but I just told them I have MRSA and my current wash has run out and that way they
handed it straight to me, no questions asked lol! Wash your whole body with it and
leave on for 1 minute before washing it off. Repeat again if infected with boils and
use to wash hair with every 3 days (only if infected). Do not wash with other soaps,
do this afterwards once you have rinsed the Surgical scrub off. And guess what...
im now cured... well kinda!!!! I didn't use any antibiotics as these were wrecking my
stomach and clearly were not helping as the boils kept coming back. After 3 weeks of
using Manuka honey I got more swabs done and i was negative! :) However, like me
with the reoccurring boils, you are probably a coloniser which means your body will
reproduce it all the time at any point and you will have to live with it (you are not
catching it every time you walk outside).

Manuka honey keeps it at bay so you can live a normal life again. I drink it
daily and take a lot of Vitamin C. I only use the scrub occasionally after going to the
gym. Also make sure you change your towel every other day, change your top straight
away after working out, make sure your skin is bone dry after showering in the most
likely affected areas. Oh and STOP eating so much sugar it causes depression! It
sounds like you are comfort eating as you feel sorry for yourself. Don't let it control
you, you must control it! Now and then I get extremely tired with headaches but now I
pretty much live a good life.
Reply #6 by ruth
Posted: August 3, 2011 at 16:57
MRSA thrives in chronic inflammation.

There are a few major contributors to inflammation. They are high blood sugar, acid
pH, food sensitivities and oxidation. Eating foods made with white flour and white
sugar along with fried foods leads to high blood sugar, acid pH and /or oxidative
stress all contributors to inflammation.

Inflammation is a response to our lifestyle. If we eat foods that are highly acidifying,
that cause high blood sugar and promote oxidative stress, then our genes will respond
with inflammation and disease.

Controlling inflammation is a key to preventing and/or limiting disease. Several classes
of nutritional supplements all work towards fighting inflammation. These include
enzymes, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, minerals, herbs and
probiotics. Green supplements such as liquid chlorophyll, spirulina and chlorella are
also important in maintaining pH and increasing antioxidants.

Some of the better formulations for anti-inflammatory products include molecularly
distilled omega 3 oils with high ratios of EPA and DHA; herbal blends such as
Zyflamend by New Chapter that contain turmeric, ginger, and rosemary; enzyme
formulations that are specifically for inflammation such as Intenzyme; and herbal juice
formulations such as noni and mangosteen that are both anti-oxidant and anti-
inflammatory. Major antioxidants such as pycnogenol, grape seed extract and
resveratrol also seem to help reduce inflammation and to protect genes.

The best approach to controlling inflammation begins with choices you can make. Stop
eating pro-inflammatory foods such as those made from white flour and white sugar.

Remove hydrogenated oils from shortening, margarine and fried foods from your diet.

Add healthy, anti-inflammatory oils such as olive oil, macadamia nut oil, flax oil and
fish oil to your diet.

Eat plenty of alkalizing fruits and vegetables.

Avoid acidifying foods such as sodas, artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives,
white sugar and white flour.
Reply #7 by ruth
Posted: August 3, 2011 at 17:14
I had the PVL MRSA too.

Potassium channel blockers inactivate the PVL virus toxin. The modern medicine has
many drugs that are potassium channel blockers. Lithium, boron, quinine, caseium,
amiodarone are natural potasssium channel blockers that inhibit PVL leukocidin.
Reply #8 by jc
Posted: December 1, 2011 at 10:45
step 1: Reach slowly up 15 drops of mms 3x a day during 3 weeks
step 2: Follow the mrsa diet by Shannon Browns book
step 3: take probiotic- Lactobacillus Acidofillus

when you will feel ok, dont quit the diet !! Keep it few
weeks to make sure its not returning...
Now Im at 1/3 and feel definitly a lot better .)
This time I will kill it...
Youre wellcome to write to me:
It will be over, trust it.

Reply #9 by Mia
Posted: December 26, 2011 at 01:23

First step is Hydro Peroxcide Therapy. Despite the critics that think it will harm you, it wont. The stuff breaks down into water and oxygen in your body. Dont be foolish and try to drink it staight out the bottle or something. Yes, then it can kill you. Use caution when handling it because it can cause skin burns straight out the bottle, thats why you have to dilute it( use a dropper to put in milk or juice, distilled water. I even give it to my 4 yrs old and 6 six old. I use 35% food grade hydroperoxcide ( sold at health food stores). I use 10 drops 2X a day and my kids 5 drops a day when they are ill. They are 4 yrs and 6 yrs old. And none of us have had any side effects. Except one... if you take too many drops you will throw up. Also take on an empty stomach and wait an hour before eating. So you have to find the right amount of drops for your body can handle. For me I only weight about 110 lbs so I cant do the 25 drops like other people. Even if you throw up, there are no lasting side effects just lower the drops the next time. You will notice your energy level go way up. This will kill MRSA in your body.

The next thing is to kill it on your skin. I think most people think all they have to do it take antibiotic and thats it. You still have kill it topically on your skin and in your enviroment or you will just be reinfected. In the first aide section of your local pharmacy, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, next to the iodine is a little amber bottle that is a disinfectant called Benzalkonium
Chloride. Pour the entire bottle into your favorite non medicated lotion. does not matter what kind of lotion, vaseline intensive care, bath and body works ect... as long as its non medicated. Put this all over your body every day, including privates and face ( I use an hypoallergenic/fragrance free lotion for face and privates. This will kill the MRSA bacteria on your skin.

Lastly use Lysol concentrate ( old fashioned kind comes in amber colored bottle. To disinfect hard surface areas in your home(at least once a week, more if possible). wipe down counters, bath room, floors, doors handles ect...Also use this in every load of colored laundry, bleach in whites. Regular old fashioned Pine Sol kills staph also. Both of these products state as much on the back of the bottle. They can both be used for general cleaning and in laundry.

So now you are killing MRSA internally, on your skin and in your enviroment. You will feel 10x better than you do now and hopefully will fully get rid of the bacteria in/on your body and in your enviroment. I have been using this method for at least a month and have not had any bumps or boils. I dont know if I have fully cured myself and my family because now I continue this regimen. Outside of slowing down on the hydro peroxcide drops. I feel great, have tons of energy and no bumps.
Reply #10 by Mia
Posted: December 26, 2011 at 01:43
I think you might have MRSA in your body. Aroung Thanksgiving I was so sick, and weak I could barley get out of bed. One of my kids gave me strep throat. I have had this before off and on through out my life and never have felt so tired and weak. My joints were aching/sore and it just felt like the had taken a beat down. My body hurt all over. I was scared! Of course I went to the doctor and got my throat swabbed, she just put me on an antibiotic. Thinking I may also have MRSA in the throat(test results took a week to come back, I never called back into get the results though) I drove right from the doctors office to the health food store and got some 35% food grade hydro peroxcide. And took 4 drops in juice, next day 4 drops in juice. And when I took 4 drops again on the 3rd day. I had so much energy I cleaned my whole house from top to bottom. Since then have not felt sick since. I took the drops for another two weeks. I have not taken them in a few days now and I still have a ton of enegy. I really dont have time to be sick, I'm a single parent of 3 kids and am their sole provider. I have to work or we will be homeless..ect. Thats why I went out on a limb and tried the hydroperoxcide. Am I am very glad I did. I have been feeling great ever since.
Reply #11 by Jordan
Posted: August 29, 2012 at 16:51
I know exactly what you mean, Danielle. This monster just won't go away. Have you gotten any better?
Reply #12 by Ben
Posted: October 10, 2012 at 20:56
Have you found a specialist yet?
Reply #13 by jon
Posted: February 20, 2015 at 16:56
You have to become *obsessively* clean to beat PVL


It is possibly to drown the MRSA bacteria through soaking
daily. Do not take showers take bathes. Add 1/4 quarter
cup bleach to your bath and measure it out exactly and
add a moisture additive to the bath water to help keep
your skin from drying out. Wash your hands constantly
and use hand sanitizer. Trim your fingernails once a week
short and clean under them with a 70% rubbing alcohol
to kill the remaining bacteria. The #1 way MRSA bacteria
is spread is from person to person and body part to body
part by way of hand contact-- so this is very important
Do not shrug it off. You can break the spread cycle by
keeping your hands and body routinely clean. Also change
your bed sheets twice a week and washing them in as hot
as water as possible (it needs to be 150 degrees+) and
use color safe bleach.

It sounds like your infection may have gone internal
by some of your side effects though which can be fatal.
Weakness, Fatigue, difficulty in breathing etc. are all
side effects of a septic mrsa infection. The effects are
very similar to toxic shock syndrome. Doctors unless they
are infectious disease doctors or dermatologists seem to
not be up on the latest news concerning MRSA so you have
to be your own doctor if you cannot find an infectious
disease doc to treat you. Treat the skin wounds with
Povidone Iodine 10% or better a 1% triclosan product.
The triclosan product is hard to find but worth the
search. In a pinch covering the wound with Manuka Honey
(UMF10+) under a dressing changed twice daily will help
resolve the lesions but nothing will help until you
become just riduculiously clean in every aspect of your

PVL positive MRSA carries a mortality rate of 37% so
it is important to note especially if it has gone
septic you are looking at at life threatening situation.
Also something worth mentioning is DO NOT do any illegal
drugs while you have a MRSA infection. The MRSA has toxic
expression sensor genes that turn on in the presence of
recreational drugs. The newer strains of PVL positive
MRSA, are even more dangerous and antibiotic resisitant.
Some of the newer strains are actually Antiseptic resistant
as well and even topical products like chlorhexidine will
not be effective because the bacteria just turns on the

As unbelievable as it sounds, PVL positive MRSA with the
antiseptic resistant gene is almost impossible to beat
but by being extremely clean (body,house,car,family members)
you can avoid many reoccuring infections. Whatever you do
do not take oral antibiotics as these despite what you may
read on the internet will only make the MRSA worse and grow
stronger. The only MRSA effective oral antibiotic that is
left that works is ZYVOX. For the newer strains of MRSA no
other antibiotics will work.
Reply #14 by Jay
Posted: March 16, 2015 at 09:35
Hoping that waking up an old thread is not an issue.

Sorry to hear all of the problems you face. I was told last week
that I had been colonized by MRSA, when I went for a minor
haemorrhoids related surgery. This is taken me by surprise as I
had no idea what it was until that day, even though I have been
regularly washing my hands before and after food, coming into the
house/work after going out, etc. The nurse said nothing to worry
about as most of them are colonized and I look healthy young man.

But now I have started feeling few of the symptoms like confusion,
dizziness and a bit of itching here and there, though have not
seen any redness yet. I am started to wonder if I have been
infected and the nurse was wrong. PLEASE let me know how you are
doing and if there is any improvement

Reply #15 by Jon
Posted: March 18, 2015 at 03:33
Jay, Please be very careful. Unfortunately your nurse is not very informed as are not many doctors these days reguarding MRSA.

I have spent the last 4 years of my life studying MRSA and believe me you can not take it serious enough.

If you are colonized, you must be careful about any breaks in your skin and especially any kind of surgery. Approximately 1 in 3 ppl
who get an MRSA infection die from it.

If you are colonised that means that the bacteria is living on your body essentially waiting for its opportunity. You have to keep your immune system up and be very clean and be aware that basically you are carrying a bioweapon around on your skin that can kill you and possibly others. This is the absolute truth. Especially if it
carries the PVL toxin gene. Did they tell you what type of MRSA
strain it was by chance?

You are fine as long as your immune system can keep it in check but you may not always be in such a healthy state, and as well you can pass it on to others who may not be so strong -- and it can be fatal to ppl who are immune compromised and especially the elderly so you must be extremely careful. Statistics say most ppl who carry it will eventually develop a skin infection sooner or later. Be advised and
best of luck to you.
Reply #16 by andrew
Posted: May 31, 2015 at 11:19
OK, I amjust letting you know I know how you feel. I am just letting you know there is a
living God who gives us solutions, he heard my prayer and gave me several simple
options, I will share one that can stop it straight away in its tracks .

II did my infection and colonisation mostly with Amanita Muscaria, yes, the red musroom
that though it is not poisonous, can mak you a bit nauseas , just as Gods warning to us
that we are drinking a bit much. This is for the desperate and Ihope it helps. One simple
thing . You see if you make a spray out of it , e.g. puverise it, filter it, make a spray bottle.
you will witness jaw dropping skin healing.. If it is winter it is one simple cure. I also had
to make a drink of mine so I had about 50ml 4x a day. I splept the first few days but got
used to it. If you spray your body top to toe before taking it internally you will deal with
the nausea. or you can cok it for about 80 celcicius for a few minutes and that helps. I
hope someone finds this useful and helpfull. Plantain also takes away the swelling like an
anti histamine would.again hope this helps.
Reply #17 by james
Posted: August 11, 2016 at 21:05
odorless garic 2000mg a day will cure u withn six months
Reply #18 by Bob
Posted: October 19, 2016 at 16:34
I also suffered from MRSA, but for only about a year. I even had
emergency surgery to remove a large pus sac under my arm. Left a hole
there big enough to hide an egg in. I was fortunate in that my
dermatologist recommended that I start taking bleach baths every
other day until he told me to stop. Two cups of household bleach in a
third of a tub of water, and lay in it for about 15 minutes. I did
this for about 3 months and after 6 years, have never had another
attack. So simple. So cheap. AND IT WORKED!!! Please try it.
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