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Started by John
Posted: December 31, 2015 at 16:21
My wife has MRSA and Hepatitus with Liver Failure/And Diabetes,
with an infection in her spine. She was shooting up Opana and
contracted Hepatitus with Liver Failure. was offered Treatment and
refused. She the somehow got MRSA and it keep outbreaking over and
over and antibiotics doesn't seem to be working now she has an
infection in her spine supposedly from bone spurs. and a colapsed
lung on top of that. Will MRSA attack the collapsed lung and push
the infection in her spine to advance she was told she could be
admitted do to haveing MRSA. I didn't think a hospital coould send
you home with a colapsed lung. due to protocall of not 100 percent
breathing. Some info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks
Re: Mrsa
Reply #1 by Leslie
Posted: April 19, 2016 at 05:33
John, I really hope your wife is okay. I
suffered from mrsa in my bloodstream and
severe sepsis shock.
All of my organs started shutting down. I
had an infection in my spine that I had to
get emergency surgery for, and just about
everything your doing sounds like me, with
the exception of the drug part. Doctors
were asking me if I used iv drugs and I
have never in my life. This is something
they see in iv drug users though.

God bless.
I really hope she's okay

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