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My Simple Cure for MRSA
Started by Robert P
Posted: October 20, 2016 at 16:52
What I am about to say is the truth, so help me God. I contracted
MRSA about 5-6 years ago. I think I got it during bladder surgery
that I had done. After I had healed from the surgery, I noticed
several small red pimples growing under my right arm, which I
thought was unusal. Within a few days, they had grown to walnut
size, and seemed to be merging. I went to my primary care
physician, who examined them, and immediately sent me to a surgeon
who had an office in the same building. After examining my
growths, he scheduled me for surgery the very next day. At this
point, neither my primary care physician or the surgeon identified
what the growths were. They were removed, and left a huge hole
under my arm, which took several months to completely fill in and

A few weeks after my surgery, I noticed a growth starting up in my
calf, that started growing very fast - same as what I had under my
arm. I went back to my primary care physician who after some tests
identified it as MRSA. He prescribed several medications that did
nothing to stop the growth.

So after my leg calf was almost twice as thick as it normally is,
I went to my dermatologist, a wise 60+ year old man who had
pretty much seen it all. He told me to begin taking bleach baths
immediately. Regular household bleach, two cups in the bath tub
about 1/3 full of water, every other day. My instructions were
to remain in the tub for about a half hour, and immerse my face
and hair in the water frequently. I followed his instructions,
and within a few days the swelling in my calf started to go down.
I kept up the bleach baths for about six months and have never had
another problem. I have no idea of my experience is unique, but if
it will help one other person, I will be overjoyed. MRSA is a
horrible affliction.
On a side note, I have been told that operating rooms are cleaned
with regular household bleach because there are hardly any "bugs"
that can survive exposure to bleach.

Re: My Simple Cure for MRSA
Reply #1 by Clarification
Posted: October 20, 2016 at 19:07
Sorry, but I have to make a revision. According to my lovely wife,
the amount of bleach I used in the bleach bath was only 1/2 cup in
1/3 tubful of water. Also, I used PanOxyl soap on the infected area
several times a day. But it was the bleach baths that cured me.
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