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Tips on restoring energy/opinions on a questio
Started by Molly
Posted: October 28, 2016 at 02:47
A little background; I am only 22 years old, I work as a CNA at a nursing home.
The staph infection showed up on the underneath of my left arm back in July of
this year.
This time last year I was in great shape- I was always on time to work/sometimes
early,I always worked my butt off while I was there (I was voted CNA of the year),
would stay late for extra shifts and pick up a lot of my days off, was always able
to keep a positive attitude, eating a well balanced vegetarian diet in which I've
maintained for 10 years now, and managed to hit the gym as often as I could
(before the MRSA I was working on building muscles because of how small I am.)
About 3 months before it showed up on my left arm (it looked like a bee sting) I
was all of a sudden feeling exhausted, unmotivated, and despite what I ate I felt
like I was just CLIMBING in weight. 18 lbs I went up. (This I now think was due to
the inflammation/water retention) anyways being a young lady of coarse my self
confidence seemed to disappear, I was so exhausted and self conscience I
stopped going to the gym except rarely, I started getting bad headaches and
muscle cramps, it took my poor boyfriend everything in him to wake me up in the
morning (he works an hour later than me, but I had stopped waking up to my
alarms). I was late to work everyday (like 20 minutes late-I'm still astonished they
never fired me) and at work I started feeling so... Lazy and irritable.

Anyways- this was what it has been like since about..... April of last year. I was
diagnosed with MRSA in July and was put on the antibiotics.

The reason I'm writing this is
1.) is it possible that the MRSA was already in my system for a few months before
it showed up? If so, does that mean it could be in my nose?
2.) as of yesterday, I have been on time to work for the first time since about May,
my energy has slowly been restored (it's not Completly there, but I'm consistantly
working on maintaining it), my weight is back to almost normal, and I wanted to
share with everyone on here my own personal tips.

Of coarse with a staph infection, you'll be prescribed the antibiotics to treat it. But
I know many of you are saying your energy and pain have not fully returned.
I've found tremendous success in getting back to my healthy self using natural
methods to help ease the aftermath

I use turmeric daily (the recommended daily intake amount)
I take my vitamins-but in particular I take zinc, vitamin D3, high doses of vitamin c
(not too high, but I also have a tolerance worked up) Bcomplex with Ashwaganda
mixed in (the kind I buy is called Stresstabs, you can get them from Walmart) I
also use a preworkout powder called Cardio Cuts from GNC because it has
extremely important amino acids, and once/twice a week i take an Epsom salt
bath mixed with activated charcoal or apple cider vinegar

I hope someone can find this long comment useful
I'm still working on myself just like you and I'm sorry we've had to endure this
terrible illness
Re: Tips on restoring energy/opinions on a questio
Reply #1 by Molly
Posted: October 28, 2016 at 03:10
I forgot to add a few more important things that I've been doing,

I take a good probiotic, as well as steering clear of gluten, peanuts, sugar and
most dairy. I get my calcium from almonds and other plant based sources ;)

But without a good probiotic, almost any supplement or food based vitamins &
minerals are practically meaningless because your stomach hasn't got a good
enough ratio of good bacteria : bad bacteria to soak them in!

And as for gluten, sugar and dairy, you don't want to give that bacteria ANYTHING
to feed on, you WANT to starve it.
These foods are like sponges to MRSA.

I think in Chinese medicine, they'd refer to your gut in this situation as cold and
moist. In order to restore your gut under these circumstances, you don't want to
feed it food that grows anymore fungi/allows it to live. These foods essentially
"allow" the fungi to either grow or if nothing else, they allow it to live.
And as far as peanuts go, well being that their shell is so thin they are one of the
most contaminated foods around. Underground they may as well be a breeding
ground for fungus and pesticides.

Quite frankly, I just learned the hard way about peanuts after being rushed to the
emergency room THREE times after eating way too much and feeling like i was
going into shock.
(Note. I have never had any food allergies before in my life, it wasn't until hours of
research I came to realize that with such a weak immune system, my poor body
just couldn't handle the pesticides/fungus whatever the hell it was. Everything I
read was really interesting actually, I just wished I read it before the emergency
room visits and expensive EKGs.) 😑

Re: Tips on restoring energy/opinions on a questio
Reply #2 by jona
Posted: November 5, 2016 at 01:28
thank you molly, your experience and practices has crystalized my plan in similar recovery.
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