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PVL+ MRSA carriers?
Started by Gaz
Posted: December 7, 2016 at 02:51

I've been suffering recurrent soft tissue infections and am struggling to
understand what's going on so just thought I'd reach out for info from anyone
who can help please! i'll share my experience as well but the full detail is
difficult to cover.

Essentially have had a nightmare identifying this disease initially after being
hospitalised but have now had a diagnosis of PVL+ MRSA coming up to two
years. I've managed to decolonise successfully only once three months ago
but I just came out of urgent surgery for abscess removal and I'm keen to talk
with others re how to eradicate this and share what's worked/what's not.

Dr's have now put me on x2 antibiotics: rifadin & trimethoprim after I kicked
off when for the millionth time they threw Flucloxacillin at me even though
earlier tests thev'e done show resistance to this. They eventually phoned the
microbio dept. when I was in hospital and they advised the above regime.

I found the below govt. legislation re treatment/management:

Hoping this helps but unsure of the chances of getting rid of this for good?

Every time I mention PVL MRSA most practitioners just go pie eyed and gloss
over it as if it's standard stuff, do the decol, Bob's you're uncle. But
everywhere I read makes out it's more complex than this.

Couple of Q's if anyone can help...

My GP is saying my most recent swab from my nose is MRSA+ but says there's
nothing on the results re PVL so it's not that : does this mean i've been
simultaneously cured and re-infected with a different strain or is there a
chance they haven't checked for the PVL gene and my Dr doesn't get that?

They'e saying the most recent abscess on my back was tested and just came
back with "normal flora". Does this mean it's definitely not MRSA or just that
the test was not successful in detecting MRSA? Seems very strange...

Finally, my doc's given me mupirocin after the MRSA+ nasal swab but he's left
off the body scrub- i'm guessing because they said my groins/armpit area was
clear: wouldn't it be best to get that as well just in case?

Cheers for any help or shared experiences


Re: PVL+ MRSA carriers?
Reply #1 by ccc
Posted: January 17, 2017 at 17:30
Yes it could mean that. i have had it repeatedly too on my skin and
Re: PVL+ MRSA carriers?
Reply #2 by Trish
Posted: September 28, 2017 at 09:14
My first MRSA boil was in 2007 but I haven't used antibiotics since 2013. Like you, I just got fed up with so many recurring boils and antibiotics. You can't live your life on antibiotics!!

LED light therapy has allowed me to get on with my life by quickly healing soft tissue boils. I have an LED array with Red, Blue, and Infrared light. I use all three on any spots of any kind that pop up on my skin. Usually, any MRSA boils are gone in a couple of days but I sometimes have stubborn boils that need more attention. I use essential oils in tandem with the light therapy. Oh - I also have an LED light array that looks like a toothbrush so I can use it in my nostrils. That thing has been a true miracle for me.

I never found garlic to be very helpful. Manuka honey may have helped some. For me, essential oils are helpful for preventing an outbreak, and they help heal boils. But I don't think essential oils have, on their own, ever healed a boil for me.

We live in Virginia where it is impossible to get to see an ID doctor, so I've had to figure it out on my own. I've worked hard to strengthen my immune system, and these days I have only occasional boils - usually after a virus or something has lowered my immune system. I am thinking about trying diatomaceous earth to try and slow things down even more. Hope this is helpful!
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