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MSRA, Hep C, sepsis, bulimic, heart murmur
Started by Nikki
Posted: June 18, 2017 at 03:25
I am in the hospital right now being treated for sepsis shock because of my
issues with addiction but i just found out today I'm hep c positive, I also have
MSRA, a heart murmur, bulimia, anxiety and depression. I'm scared for my life
and for what the future might (or might not) mean for me... can someone please
advise me and inform me on what will happen and what to expect from here?!
They're giving me very little answers also as someone who is addicted to down I
am being treated for pain with hydromorphone IV so I'm very stressed about the
near future for me I'm only 24 years old...
Re: MSRA, Hep C, sepsis, bulimic, heart murmur
Reply #1 by Kimberly
Posted: July 6, 2017 at 10:17
Hi Nikki,
You're not alone! I am now 29, but at age 15 my Chronic abdominal pain started.
The pain got so bad I would faint. It was worse my senior year, I missed half the
year. At 19 they put me on pain meds (norco). During the next 5 yrs the pain was
terrible and I had multiple scopes of them checking to find what was causing the
burning pain I would feel. I got a BF during that time and he was abusive. The last
six months of the relationship We lived together and things got worse but my Drs
also upped my meds to oxy then Morphine, then diladid and finally I was on
fentanyl plus codeine pills. I broke up with him and after begging the Drs to not
have me on such strong meds, then dropped me back down to the norco, and the
addiction behavior started bc norcos didn't do anything for me anymore bc my
tolerance was too high by then. I went to detox a month later and now I take
subutex for the abdominal pain. When I moved out almost 3 yrs ago, a week into
the lease I caught MRSA on my right arm. I moved back home two weeks later so I
didn't get my friend sick.

The Bactrim cleared up the MRSA and it went dormant for almost a year, during
that time I had gotten laid off from a job about 6 months prior to my arm breaking
out all over again. But this time the cultures came back clean even tho it's the
same thing as last time. So my dr thinks I'm a hypochondriac over regular
pimples. I have tons of scarring on my arm from all the blisters, and it made its
way to my face bc I took baths while It was broken out. So the scarring is all over
my face now too. No makeup can cover up the discoloration as of yet. I always
keep my arm covered bc o fell it will make people uncomfortable if they see all the

I haven't depended on the hospital once for this. Which is my own stupidity. I
have No energy, no matter how much sleep I get, I'm still tired, my headaches
keep getting worse, my neck and base of my skull hurt so bad that it's difficult to
lay down without being in pain. I get low grade fevers all the time which makes
my headaches worse. No appetite either. So I look anorexic but I'm not. Stay at
the hospital and hopefully they can cure the MRSA bc the aftermath of it is the
worst and it plagues tons of people. It has literally put a hault to me being able to
work or think about dating or marrying and have a family of my own. Immune
deficiency and chronic fatigue syndrome plus chronic abdominal pain, can't
forget the never ending headaches either. If my parents weren't still alive I'd be
homeless on the street. So even tho I have nothing but terrible stuff going on, I
try and find the bright side bc the health things, I can't do nothing about them
except see tons of Drs until one doesn't look at me like I'm nuts.

I hope this shows you you're not alone. If you ever want to talk here's my email- god bless!
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