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Recovery after major MSRA illness
Started by Martin
Posted: December 20, 2017 at 05:24
My illness started totally out of the blue in late September 2014, with what I thought was a slipped disc, but was in fact an MRSA infection in my spine, which then seeded multiple infection abscesses throughout my body, including in my liver and lungs, but luckily did not reach my brain. My first surgery was a Laminectomy operation on my spine to relieve the pressure build up and clean out all the gunk, and then a second operation a day later to fit drains for the larger abscesses. I was then in the Intensive Care Unit for 10 days, before being transferred to the Infectious Disease Unit (to protect me from catching anything else) for approx 5 weeks, where I received large doses of antibiotics intravenously every 4 hours, to clear up the remaining infections. Luckily I can remember little of the first 3 weeks, due to copious amounts of morphine, but when I came round in the ICU ward, I found it difficult to grasp what had happened and how lucky I was that the brain hadn't been affected and that there was an antibiotic available that was able to fight the infection. I also realised what a great job nurses do, as I needed assistance with everything over the first few weeks (no room for false modesty!).

My doctors said I would make a 'full recovery', but after 6 months rehab & 18 months part-time work, I still have 'bouts' of extreme fatigue & aching limbs & of feeling down, usually lasting 1-2 weeks. Everything is fine for a couple of months, but then another bout hits. I believe I eat healthily & I do exercise & meditation, But I was wondering if this is common after a major MSRA illness and if I can expect it to continue? Any feedback appreciated.

I am male, in my early 60s and live in Brisbane, Australia
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