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Started by Tracey-concerned daughter
Posted: June 6, 2018 at 11:06
Hello, My loving father has just been diagnosed with MRSA. He has been taken to hospital on 2
separate occasions in the last 6 months with a raw scrotum from not being washed properly in the
nursing home he resides. This resulted in him getting Sepsis. This latest hospital admission
showed he has now contracted MRSA. My father has dementia but otherwise a happy 93 yr old
and now I am concerned for his well being and those of my family especially his great grandson
that loves to visit his great grand poppy. Is it safe for my grandson and myself to be visiting? And,
if so what precautions must be taken? I love my father dearly and need to do what is best for him
please help.
Reply #1 by Holly Williams
Posted: October 7, 2018 at 22:47
Dear Tracy:

Here in the US it is standard procedure for any visitors to a MRSA patient to wear a
disposable blue plastic gown, and also gloves. The doctors and nurses wear the
same when coming in to the room. The hospital provides these at the door. For
awhile my visitors were also issued face masks. When you exit the room you must
take all the gear off and throw it away.

But not all my visitors were 100% compliant, and I had 30 people come to see me in
the hospital. None of them have developed MRSA.

I hope this helps. Best to you and your Dad.
Reply #2 by gerald moyher
Posted: January 22, 2019 at 21:31
actually speaking on nursing homes as illkept joints w ill
mannered staff i was in onerecouping for four eeks in which tim i
was only given one shower and aides kept puttng food tray next to
body wste on serving tabl even after asked not to until one day i
kicked the tray food nall across the room for disrespecting me w
halfssed job i was told i was wrongn so i packed up n split as i
was at a point in recovery from life/death neck surgery that i
coulds reach dwn n wipe myself or id hadda stay For those of u w
fam frnds in nursing home please show themcrazy love cuz its where
staff go when firewd from mcdonalds god bless uall drs said id b
six mos recouping eff that i missed my cell fone n dont take abuse
too kindly eff me eff u
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