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Appearance of MRSA
Started by Lisa M
Posted: January 16, 2019 at 23:51
I have a large sore on the side of my tongue. I originally thought it was a canker sore, but since the white dot has grown and grown. The skin over it is completely open now and it is just a raw circular area that continues to grow in diameter. It is not raised or puss filled, which is what my MRSA boils looked like, so I never would have thought of MRSA. Except now I have a huge sore in my nose as well, and I know that it can be carried in your nose. I had the sore on my tongue biopsied because they thought it was cancerous, but it came back negative. What are the characteristics of a MRSA sore on your tongue? What does it look like? I am starting to have a sore throat, ear pain and the rest of my tongue where there are no sores is beginning to hurt. My daughter also ended up with a sore in her nose, which is what made me think that perhaps it was something contagious, which brought me to MRSA. I treated her sore in her nose right away with antibiotic ointment. Her sore went away completely in two days. I have had mine for over a month. I am exhausted all the time. Any advise on whether this could be MRSA. Or , if those who have had mouth sores could tell me what they look like, I would appreciate it.
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