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Do I have MRSA?
Posted by Nikki
Last Reply October 22, 2005 at 19:50
Started October 11, 2005 at 18:26
I had my gall bladder removed by open surgaey on 28th Sept I now have an infection in my belly button the clip's have been removed and the DN has taken a swob to day I'm worried
any advise would be appreciated.

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Posted by M.Smith
Last Reply October 22, 2005 at 16:50
Started October 22, 2005 at 16:37
what annoys me about mrsa is the cover up they say oops didnt see that one coming,but the goverment knew about this virus and did nothing to warn the public,how much longer did they think it would go before people found out.Now all i can say is Tony Blair and party also nhs hiding thing the truth has done nothing for. My other concern is the ammount of pay the top boys get is totally unrealistic for a job they cant do, so hell mend the lot of them when the compensation starts being paid out. M,Smith

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Posted by callie
Last Reply October 22, 2005 at 11:20
Started October 21, 2005 at 18:26
Does anyone know if there are any MSSA suffers support groups? Ive had a quick look on google but couldn't find anything and I thought someone here might know.


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mrsa cures
Posted by alexa
Last Reply October 14, 2005 at 07:39
Started October 8, 2005 at 23:13
there are cures arent there? so y arent they being used? also, why arent the necessary precautions taken to prevent the spread of mrsa? i`m sixteen and from england- i`m studying health & social care in college and this is a very controversial topic in the health care professions and i would like to know if the mrsa eppidemic will be under control when, in a couple of years, im working in one of the health care professions?

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future risks
Posted by jane
Last Reply October 13, 2005 at 22:07
Started October 12, 2005 at 22:16
My five daughter had mrsa based osteo-myletis at 3 weeks old - she is due to have bone reconstructive surgery in the near future and there will further surgery in the future- i ahve been told by the hospital she has been swabbed and was clear from mrsa
is it true that it stays in your blood forever - is she more at risk when having surgery due to her history
can i insist that she is isolated and what other safeguards can i reasonably request from the hospital and the staff

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Posted by Bev
Last Reply October 13, 2005 at 16:37
Started August 31, 2005 at 14:53

I decided to start a new thread for the petition we have had a great response so far and would really like to get more names

in the light of the new government spin on Cl dif ~ trying to take away from the fact that thousands are being infected with MRSA

we really want to bring the attention back on trying to raise the subject of MRSA and of all HAI’s in the houses of parliament

when you think about it nearly every victim of MRSA if the government would have their way is a HIDDEN VICTIM because they will still not put out all incidences of MRSA and they would still have you believe there is ‘no problem’ ~ ‘it’s a little of no concern’ infection ~ still no information being fully given to patients and their families

in the NAO reports only 154 trusts out of 176 contributed to the report appendix this when its supposed to be mandatory for ALL trusts to report incidences of MRSA and other HAI’s so its beyond belief that they can for definite publish stats whe... read more

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MRSA: I need the facts not spin
Posted by Alan Finan
Last Reply October 13, 2005 at 05:13
Started October 12, 2005 at 22:55
MRSA, what is it? They say it is a Super Bug a bacteria that has mutated to become immune to our antibiotics. So where does that leave the people who have contracted it?

Why am I asking these questions?

Simple, like most people in Ireland, and indeed from around the world I had no real interest in this “Super Bug” except to say “God isn’t it awful” when you hear of something about it on the News, or read about it in the Papers, and feel a little sorry for the people who were affected, but this did not affect me in any way so I just carry on with my life.

That is until this week.

My mother who is in her 60’s has suffered for over 15 years with Rheumatoid Arthritis, over the past few years c 3, she has had repeated lung and urinary infections.

She was unable to hold prolonged conversations as she would become breathless, and start to cough.

One month ago she had a lung function test and was found to have a 50% capacity deficiency in her right lung.

Only thing fo... read more

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Posted by Sandra
Last Reply October 13, 2005 at 05:01
Started October 3, 2005 at 17:35
I am a care worker in the community. Another carers client has come home from hospital with MRSA. The carer has gone mad as she has been home a week and she said no one told her that the client had it. Am I right in thinking she doesnt have to be told. If she is working with good hygiene practise she has no need to be concerned for her own health. She has no contact with the area infected as nurses come into the clients home to dress this and it is covered at all times. Maybe I am wrong but I thought it was a confidentiality issue.

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staphlicocoul aureus
Posted by claire
Last Reply October 12, 2005 at 21:51
Started September 7, 2005 at 10:40
my child has been ill for 3 weeks and has been in hospital 2 and half weeks .
he had sickness stomach cramps and couldnt put no weight on his legs on the wednesday i had 2 doctors out who said VIRUS.friday morning was advised to go hospital.they checked him over(13 years old)and sent me home carrying him.
saturday he was in so much pain i called ambulance.since been diagnosed with staph.and now osteomylitis and needs 6 weeks antibiotic intravenousley and 3 months tablets at home. leg in plaster and complete bed rest!
how did this get so bad.any advice.have since heard that staph is form of mrsa.

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Re: CIPROFLOXIN-is it any good for treating MRSA?
Posted by Maggie
Last Reply October 12, 2005 at 16:12
Started October 1, 2004 at 19:09
Hi again,
Further to my previous messages re: advice about MRSA infection in my lungs. Following the last lot of antibiotics, my GP said the hospital microbiologist had recommended (Doxycycline) I've just had the results this week of the latest "sputum" test. It is STILL POSITIVE.
So I went to see my GP yesterday, "armed" with the names of Linezolid & Synercid. He looked in his little book of drugs, but said that he couldn't find any details of one (Linezolid I think) and Syndercid was only available intravenously.
So I have returned home with the latest "recommended" antibiotic by the microbiologist - "Ciprofloxacin".
When I went to the Pharmacy to collect the prescription, I sought the advice of the Pharmacist. He advised that Linezolid IS AVAILABLE in tablet form, on the NHS - but said that unfortunately, the chances of the... read more

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MRSA and my family
Posted by Brandy Chase
Last Reply October 11, 2005 at 17:02
Started July 15, 2005 at 03:01
Hi, My family and I (my husband, and 2 daughters) have MRSA. We recently moved to a new house and suddenly started to get weird boils. It started with my husband then me. A few weeks ago I had a "bite" on my leg. I went to the doctor and she said it was a Brown Recluse spider bite, it hurt badly. Then I sent my husband to the doctor where they did a culture on on of his boils with the results being...MRSA. My husband just took my 10 year old daughter to the doctor today and sure enough she has it too. So far my 6 year has not shown any signs of it but the doctor my 10 year old went to said she has seen 7 cases in the last 2 weeks of MRSA. It is going around fast and furious. They gave us a list of Antibiotics that can get rid of it. Hopefully they work. Good luck to all that have this NASTY MRSA!!!!!!

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Dad diagnosed with MRSA
Posted by Melanie
Last Reply October 11, 2005 at 08:12
Started October 10, 2005 at 15:11

My 63 year old father burnt his leg quite badly almost four weeks ago. He was taken to A&E at Hemel and was then transferred to the burns unit at Mount Vernon, where he spent one night. The wound subsequently got infected and two weeks ago, he was prescribed antibiotics. The infection seemed to clear up and he seemed to be on the mend. A swab test was taken at the time and today, two weeks later he had a call from the surgery to say that he has MRSA. Obviously I have seen all the media reports and the scare stories, but what is the reality? Will he recover? What are his chances? how should my mum protect herself, should I keep my 9 month old son away from him? Basically if anyone can shed any light on this for me, I would be extremely grateful.



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looking for amanda who made comment on esbl
Posted by Romain Fournier
Last Reply October 10, 2005 at 11:15
Started October 10, 2005 at 11:15
My name is Romain Fournier, I'm working for the Real Story programm on the BBC. I have just read a comment posted by amanda on january 2005 on an article on esbl and i would like to have a chat with this person. So if you read my message amanda, please e mail me on> Thanks

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MRSA - A cynical attempt to hide the truth?
Posted by Ruth Wollacott
Last Reply October 10, 2005 at 10:51
Started September 19, 2004 at 09:31
I attended a discussion on MRSA infection at the Dana Centre last week and was quite perturbed at the attitude exhibited by some (medical) members of the panel; a diatribe regarding the over-prescription of antibiotics over the last forty years and an attempt made to suggest that there is no correlation between the rising incidence of HAI with the perceived lowering of standards in the general cleaning and hygiene of hospital premises and a suggestion that improved vigilance by patients themselves would enhance the cleanliness and hygiene of both hospital premises and staff.

Further, the contention by Dr. Samuel Khan posted on the MRSA discussion forum on July 12 2004, entitled “MRSA – you’re probably carrying it’, that the information being broadcast by ITV news, the Daily Mail and Clare Rayner, among others, is ‘rubbish’ and the exhortation ‘not to panic’ should be revealed for what it is – a cynical attempt to downplay the seriousness of the infection and an attempt to obfusca... read more

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why are we not told?
Posted by dudu
Last Reply October 8, 2005 at 22:29
Started September 26, 2005 at 22:19
my mother is currently suffering from breast cancer and has been in hospital twice in the last 4 months and during that time she was living in a hospice. on the third day in the hospice wounds on her breast turned into gaping sores...why? after her first visit to the hospital to have a line inserted in her thigh for chemotherapy in fungated and turned green with pus....why? on the second visit she was in isolation for 2 weeks...why? the disacharge letter from the hospice said there was mrsa found in the breast wound...why and from where? this was actually a letter to the district nurse and not the doctors. now today the oncologist says "you have mrsa we'll take a swab" BUT NOTHING MORE. on asking a nurse she says its not in the hospital notes. What on earth is going on and how does one find out where and when we got it from...why were we not told before and why is nobody sure....does anyone out there know what action to take from here?

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Death of my mother from MRSA
Posted by Colette
Last Reply October 7, 2005 at 20:27
Started September 21, 2005 at 12:23
My mother died from MRSA on 19th February 2004.She was in hospital a long time waiting for a nursing home place because of heart problems but contracted it while in hospital.It has been too painful to think of taking action and only now can I deal with it.Is it too late to take action?It was the main cause of death on her death certificate.Can anyone advise me what to do next?

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Survival of the fittest
Posted by Brian
Last Reply October 6, 2005 at 23:44
Started September 13, 2005 at 10:35
The reason why we are in this situation is the abuse of antibiotics over the last 50 years. Antibiotics are the only medication you can take that can have a harmful affect on someone else. Everytime you, me or anyone has been to a GP and insisted on antibiotics for an ear or throat infection has played their part in the existance of MRSA and the fact that antibiotics work. The MRSA bug is the same as the Staf Aureus bug that has been around for millions of years it has just adapted to avoid being killed by antibiotics. It is a simple case of survival of the fittest and Darwins theory of evolution. I am afraid to say that it is not just a case of cleaner hospitals and washing your hands. These are still important but it is a case of using the weapons we have against these organisms correctly to avoid further resistance. We must all take responsibility for the situation we find ourselves in. Even during Flemings Nobels price speech he stated that he had noted resistance to penicillin ... read more

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Journalist wants an MRSA case study
Posted by Sue Baum
Last Reply October 6, 2005 at 21:21
Started April 27, 2005 at 19:34
Hi there, I am a journalist writing for a mother and baby magazine and need to find a family to interview whose baby has been effected by MRSA. I would need to interview the parents and will probably need a photo as well. Please get in touch if you are interested. Thanks very much, Suzanne

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Advice Needed!
Posted by B R WILES
Last Reply October 6, 2005 at 18:33
Started October 3, 2005 at 21:50
I have just been informed that my mother has contracted MRSA whilst spending over a week in the intensive care unit in the Royal Free hospital in Hampstead. My mother went into the local General Hospital on Saturday 24/09/05 to under go an operation to remove what at first was diagnosed as small cyst on her bladder. During the operation it was they found that the cyst was in fact affecting the Liver and not the bladder as originally thought. This rose to, lets say 'complication during the operation' and was rushed to the London Royal Free Hospital where on the Sunday morning they performed an exploratory operation and established that they would not try to remove the cyst till the following day to help let the haemorrhaging, which happened at the General hospital, settle. Keeping her anaesthetised during the whole time she underwent the operation to remove the cyst on the Monday afternoon and was gradually awoken on the Tuesday and was informed following a x-ray that my mother had c... read more

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MRSA in my house?
Posted by meg...
Last Reply October 5, 2005 at 19:39
Started October 4, 2005 at 20:10
Hi. I don't even know if this is the right forum to post on... My boyfriend and I were recently diagnosed with MRSA, the symptoms of which began nearly immediatly after us moving into a new apartment.
After discussion with the doctors and nurses, they concluded that the MRSA was present in the apartment when we moved in.
Is there any way to find out definitivly that the MRSA is in the apartment?

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