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My sister has MRSA in her bloodstream
Posted by John
Last Reply May 20, 2018 at 23:06
Started May 20, 2018 at 19:02
I have never heard of MRSA until last week. My sister is in
the hospital with it. She has is in her blood stream. She has
sores in her head and her hair is falling out. Her body is in
constant pain. She is on dialysis and her liver is failing. Is
there a cure for this infection. Can't seem to get a straight
answer from the doctor.

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CA MRSA experience
Posted by Scott
Last Reply May 20, 2018 at 16:11
Started July 23, 2009 at 23:17
Hello I want to share my experience with CA MRSA with you. My girlfriend and I both caught CA MRSA in March 2009. We both started breaking out with a couple of pimples on our faces and folliculitis on our thighs and calves. We both noticed that we had joint pain especially in our fingers, elbows, knees and wrists. Our skin was also very itchy at times and I had eye itching often. Over the next week or so we started breaking out with more pimples on our back, chest, stomach and legs. We make an appointment with a dermatologist and saw him on April 6th. He said he didnít think the joint pain was related to the skin problem and we should see a rheumatologist for it. He gave us Keflex 4X a day for 10 days. It didnít work for us so we were given Avelox for 10 days and that also didnít work. Meanwhile I started having pain in my chest mainly on the left side but occasionally on the right side. To make a long story short my other doctor figured out the chest pain was from Costochondritis. ... read more

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Harvard medical knows why we suffer
Posted by Marshall Geffeney
Last Reply May 17, 2018 at 03:28
Started May 17, 2018 at 03:28
You can read my story at and how I put post MRSA
ME/CFS into remission using a Stanford medical protocol at home for
almost no cost.

Harvard has another clue to our challenge.

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Fecal Transplant for post MRSA recovery
Posted by Curtis Chapman
Last Reply May 15, 2018 at 20:02
Started March 20, 2018 at 22:57
So I just read a story about a guy who nearly lost his life to post MRSA complications, only to regain it after FMT (Fecal Transplant) capsules he successfully made at home. The blog site was our2ndbrain . com I think it made a compelling argument for this.

Has anyone else either performed this and had success or failure they care to share about, or even considered it and why you have not fullfilled it yet or even why you vetoed the idea? I am giving this serious consideration right now.

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Mr Michael Booker given GMC Warning
Posted by BT
Last Reply April 11, 2018 at 11:52
Started November 22, 2007 at 20:36
Hello everyone

I'd like to tell everyone that sometimes it pays off to complain about sub-standard treatment to the General Medical Counsel. Mr Michael Booker, a gynaecologist at Shirley Oaks and MayDay Hospitals received a 5 year warning for leaving a girl in her early thirties with a savage hospital infection, necrotizing fasciitis (the "flesh eating bug") for a total of three weeks. Most people die from this within a few hours but she kept fighting for her life with no support from him. This was without a proper diagnosis - he assured her it was merely a haematoma and would get 'bigger before it got smaller", and offered her no painkillers, even though she was literally screaming for them. He even went on his annual vacation to the South Coast whilst she was being eaten alive. Necrotizing Fasciitis is a strain of MRSA, and there's no excuse for leaving anyone in so much agony for so long. On the 21st day, he came back from his holiday and wrote in her medical notes that he wa... read more

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MRSA in the lungs
Posted by Mia
Last Reply April 1, 2018 at 22:15
Started July 10, 2004 at 21:03
My father has had recurring episodes of MRSA in his lungs for two years now, he's at the moment just coming into the third week of his stay in hospital this time round. The Vancomycin seems to ward the bacteria off for a while but it always comes back (usually after approx 6 weeks). I see so much on the news and in the papers about MRSA in open wounds but have seen nothing about it internally. Does anyone else have any experience of this? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Extreme joint pain after mrsa
Posted by Jim
Last Reply March 31, 2018 at 15:33
Started September 17, 2008 at 13:18
I had back surgery in May 08. Got out of hospital after 12 days and @ 2 weeks later back in the hospital getting my wound opened back up so they could irrigate down to my spine due to confirmed MRSA. Left the hospital after 2 days. @ 1 month later started having severe back and left leg pain again. Well, back in the hospital to get opened up for the 3rd time for the same thing. Left the hospital after 3 days with a pic line in my right arm. Had to do IV antibiotics myself for 6-8 weeks and then an addittional 6 weeks of pill antibiotics. Blood work all checked out fine, doctor took me off all meds and told me to return in 6 weeks for check up. @ 3 weeks later I am having severe joint pain especially in my fingers, toes and left wrist area. I told the doc about this and he said we are all getting old and that I am still in recovery from all this. Well, I never had this pain during the entire time I was on the meds or anything. I am just trying to figure out if the MRSA might have any... read more

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LED Light Therapy an Almost Cure for Boils
Posted by Trish
Last Reply March 16, 2018 at 18:15
Started September 28, 2017 at 09:27
First let me say, I have never had issues with internal MRSA - just skin lesions. My heart breaks for folks with internal MRSA.

But I wanted to share what has worked for me. Things aren't perfect but bearable. I haven't been to this forum in a long time but I got lots of good ideas here.

My first MRSA boil was in 2007 but I haven't used antibiotics since 2013. I just got fed up with so many recurring boils and antibiotics. You can't live your life on antibiotics!!

LED light therapy has allowed me to get on with my life by quickly healing soft tissue boils. I have an LED array with Red, Blue, and Infrared light. I use all three on any spots of any kind that pop up on my skin. Usually, any MRSA boils are gone in a couple of days but I sometimes have stubborn boils that need more attention. I use essential oils in tandem with the light therapy. Oh - I also have an LED light array that looks like a toothbrush so I can use it in my nostrils. That thing has been a true mira... read more

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UV/ Sun kills skin MRSA?
Posted by Copado
Last Reply February 7, 2018 at 16:22
Started July 23, 2008 at 18:21
My MRSA just came back in force. I had it about 3 months, had it treated, and it subsided. But I woke up two days ago with follicalitus on my thigh and an abscess on my buttocks. It always seems to colonize that way on me. the deeply infected abscess occurs on my buttocks. I assume because there is a lot of tissue and not much blood so it can dive quickly.
Anyways, I was thinking of going to a tanning spa to try if UV light would help kill this evil bug at all(?).
does anyone know anything about UV treatment for mrsa?

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itchy scalp and mrsa
Posted by sheri
Last Reply February 1, 2018 at 14:02
Started August 3, 2007 at 07:52
My daughter and I have just been diagnosed with mrsa. Before I started to get treated and since I have finished the meds I have had a really itchy scalp and what feels like allot of small bites! We have just moved to a new provance so I thought I was getting bit by some type of bug, but then it went away when I started to get treated for the mrsa and now that I'm done meds its back? This also happens along with fevers, headaches, stomache aches, general itching (mostly scalp, torso, and legs), fatigue and what feels like the start of a bladder infection that comes and goes but has not become a bladder infection. Does anyone else get theese symptons? Does it mean that the medication did not get rid of the mrsa? Any info would be appreciated! Thanx sheri

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Posted by graham woods
Last Reply January 28, 2018 at 15:42
Started January 24, 2009 at 20:28
also referred to as nosocomial infection - classified as a strict hospital infection. I know this isnt MRSA but dont know where else to look. Got this from having bone marrow samples taken in UK hospital end December 08 - has anyone else suffered from this following bone marrow extraction. If so how did you get rid of it? How long did it take, etc. etc. Any info gladly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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heart failure and mrsa
Posted by jackie
Last Reply January 27, 2018 at 03:52
Started April 5, 2007 at 23:05
my father in law of (80) had an over kneamputation 9 days ago. He had mrsa in a ulcer which didnt heal.(he is diabetic) He was admitted to Hosp before surgery as he wasboing sick and his heart rate was just over 30.GP suggested he had toxins from his meds so took him off one drug which appeared to settle him for a while.
He was then transfered to another hospital for his amputation which went well.
24hrs after, he had a stomach bug and was tested positive for C-Diff. 2 days later he suffered a stroke. 4days after his heart started to fail and was fitted with a temporary pacemaker. His heart is now at the correct pace but only with the pace maker. They have now found a clot in his right arm!! He is still MRSA positive. The consultant can find no reason why his heart is so slow.
Can MRSA cause organsto fail?This is the 2nd amputation since November forthe same reason. If you do a search on amputation you will find the previous story.
As a note on dirty hospitals....when visi... read more

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Mrsa found by stye
Posted by Fiona
Last Reply January 20, 2018 at 19:16
Started May 29, 2008 at 22:52
I was diagnosed with Mrsa about 3 yrs. ago. wnen I had a terrible stye in my eye. I took an antibiotic for about 2 weeks, then realizing I had a reaction to it. I then learned I was allergic to sulfa. After that I never took anything else. I have never had any boils or more styes, but I have recently for the past 5 months not been feeling well in my head I first thought it was a bad tooth which needed a root canal had that done didn't change a thing. Now 5 months later I'm off work for 2 weeks. the doctor thought it was exhaustion fromm workink I work a 40 job and a part time job. I'm slleeping in every day and getting plenty of sleep, still feeling bad. My heads in a fog I feel tired, I get this metal taste to my mouth . I take allergy meds its not that. Need some help does anyone have these kind of symtoms?

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To op or not to op
Posted by Patricia
Last Reply December 28, 2017 at 18:57
Started December 28, 2017 at 18:57
I have been told today that I have MSSA and not to worry. To start nasal cream,
Naseptin for 5 days then have hip replacement however after reading so many
horrific stories on this site I wonder should I cancell the operation until swap
comes back clear. I don't have a lot of faith in the medical profession as a whole.
Any advise welcome.

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vaginal mrsa
Posted by sandra burkett
Last Reply December 21, 2017
Started April 28, 2005 at 23:08
swab taken, identified isolated growth mrsa. 2nd swab showed heavy growth. gp stated had not come across this before. please could you confirm treatments, prognosis and causes thankyo

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Recovery after major MSRA illness
Posted by Martin
Last Reply December 20, 2017 at 05:24
Started December 20, 2017 at 05:24
My illness started totally out of the blue in late September 2014, with what I thought was a slipped disc, but was in fact an MRSA infection in my spine, which then seeded†multiple infection abscesses throughout my body, including in my liver and lungs, but luckily did not reach my brain. My first surgery was a Laminectomy operation on my spine to relieve the pressure build up and clean out all the gunk, and then a second operation a day later to fit drains for the larger abscesses. I was then in the Intensive Care Unit for 10 days, before being transferred to the Infectious Disease Unit (to protect me from catching anything else) for approx 5 weeks, where I received large doses of antibiotics intravenously every 4 hours, to clear up the remaining infections. Luckily I can remember little of the first 3 weeks, due to copious amounts of morphine, but when I came round in the ICU ward, I found it difficult to grasp what had happened and how lucky I was that the brain hadn't been affec... read more

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hallucinations and MRSA
Posted by Pamela Stowasser
Last Reply December 14, 2017 at 18:27
Started June 10, 2007 at 04:33
My Daughter just called. She is in the hosptial in isolation with MRSA. She has been having something like hallucinations since the boils started under her arm. She would close her eyes for a minute and find herself in another setting and start talking to her children that were not there.
Has anyone ever heard of this??

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mrsa in blood stream
Posted by teri
Last Reply December 1, 2017
Started November 19, 2005 at 12:40
diagnosed this wednesday, my mum's condition has been up and down each day- dr's say she,s not responding well to the antibiotic. Where can I find detailed info on prognosis, as the roller coaster is difficult to relate to my sister living in canada.

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MSSA infection
Posted by Vic B
Last Reply November 26, 2017 at 02:08
Started January 24, 2007 at 12:27
I caught the terrible disease MSSA in June 2005 after a spell in hospital for a simple problem. After 2 spinal operations and a long spell in hospital I am free of the disease but the after effects are still affecting me. IE I have very little feeling in the lower half of my body, except for endless pain. Is anyone able to advise me on what I can do? My GP is not able to offer any help, all I am told is that "the nerve ends are affected and feeling will return"But when!!! I feel that the NHS has abandoned me. HELP!!.

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Who is to give us an anwer?
Last Reply November 23, 2017 at 09:56
Started November 23, 2017 at 09:56
We, the millions of candidate victims, but also maybe the CAUSE for
it, of Acquired Hospital Infections, or Urinary Tract or other
infections, or food poisoning, are anxious about the verdict of the
now ongoing (?) research project t by Health World Institutes, about
the critical question::
ďIs toilet paper use related TO URINARY - ACQUIRED HOSPITAL
unintentionally disperse around the E. COLI and other microbes?
When somebody is using t. paper to wipe up, the cleaning is
incomplete. An invisible poop film, full of dangerous microbes
remains, which soon is VAPORIZED, so these microbes overwhelm the
near organs, especially in women and soon disperse to all house, and
of course to our food. So it is obvious that hand washing up is not
The same and worse it applies to hospitals, where patients are
weakened and unable to care about themselves properly. So the often
letha... read more

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